Fucking, like, why?



Atom, (edited )

From the ending of season two wrapping everything up and the hints that he may not continue the show, I’m pretty sure Waititi had concluded the show anyway and was ready to move on. I thought the show had already ended honestly.


I loved season 1. Season 2 was not as good i think. The story lacked focus and didn’t have an overall theme like S1. Still there where some great new characters, decent character development and a nice setup for a third season. I guess we’ll never know if S3 would have been any better.


I really tried to get into this show but couldn’t.


It gets much better but it takes up to episodes 3-4 to introduce a certain character that makes it all gel together well.


Maybe I’ll give it another shot. Thanks for replying.


And if the studio didn’t also own the channel, it would probably be shopped around to another outlet. Instead, the critical darling will be shelved so that Zaslav can save a dollar.

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