As much as I loved him and and that story line. I don’t think I can take it.


With all the multiverse shenanigans, being dead doesn’t mean anything these days.


Been a long time since I watched but he’d been given treatments to enhance his power, so a healing factor she wasn’t expecting would be enough.

Or him mind controlling her to think she had succeeded, but that’s a completely different kind of control than he had exhibited.

Regardless I’d love to see it.


I mean, easiest and most likely is it’s a variant they come across when it’s unification time between them.

Maybe he comes to proper MCU, or maybe it’s just a throwaway thing.


I really hate these “famous person open to the idea of doing something they’ve done before” articles.

That being said, his portrayal of Kilgrave is one of my favourite villain performances ever, rivaled only by Heath Ledger as the Joker

jordanlund, avatar

This just in: Actor would like to keep acting.


Extraordinarily popular actor who can basically pick and choose any roles he wants, and had an amazing season as one of the creepiest and most powerful human villains in Marvel comics wants to reprise the role? Yeah, that’s news.

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