ArtVandelay, avatar

Its spelled LOL

dylanTheDeveloper, avatar



Data had Daughter

Lore had Laughter

D-D and L-L. Checks out.

kellyaster avatar

Lol now I got that theme song stuck in my head

FlyingSquid, avatar

Me too and I couldn’t be happier about it because I fucking love Quincy Jones.

kellyaster avatar

I did not know he wrote the Sanford & Son theme song! Just looked it up. Good pop culture trivia, thanks for dropping that.

FlyingSquid, avatar

Sure! The real name of the song is “The Streetbeater.” QJ did a lot of TV music. Although these days he’s probably most associated with Austin Powers, since his song “Soul Bossa Nova” was at the beginning of that movie.

RootBeerGuy, avatar

Uh what

FlyingSquid, avatar
RootBeerGuy, avatar

It makes slightly more sense now


I think his step daughter got stuck in the drier.

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