It’s not like they have the means to enforce it anyways.


Yet. Or the fact it is so difficult to enforce could be used to prop a reason for an even more draconian law. Something like banning it outright or having it have to be reviewed by an approval board. These laws are almost always stepping stones.


Texan Approval Board needs to verify the dignity of your content. Please send us your subscription-locked OF content in the next five business days.


Just keep uploading Ken Paxton’s face.


Thats part of the small state they want to achieve, right?


Party of small dicks more like it


Elon’s face?

Jaysyn avatar

Between crap like this & your power grid, Texas does look terrible. Just like Florida, the GOP is ruining your state.


The article doesn't say anything about pictures of faces, just generic age verification.


The injunction was stayed but that’s not the end of the litigation. It’s really just the beginning. I don’t see that a written opinion regarding the stay has been published so it’s impossible to know the court’s thinking at this time, though the order does say the court will issue an expedited opinion as soon as reasonably possible. But yeah, the 5th Circuit is home to Texas, Mississippi and Louisiana and is where the GOP/conservative/right go to get favorable rulings.

Interestingly, Arkansas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Montana, Utah and Virginia have passed similar measures in recent months.


Follow in the footsteps of everyone in Utah and hop on a VPN. My VPN will sometimes throw me in a Utah server (adjacent state) and it blocks my research attempts so I just disconnect and reconnect to some other random server. If it happens twice in a row, I take a quick trip to Switzerland

sxan, avatar

I take a quick trip to Switzerland

That’s where you get the really weird stuff.


Is it blocked in Utah?


Idiots, all of them. But elected idiots nonetheless.


They really really want to secede, I can tell


If only. But then who would they bitch to about the "migrant crisis" and come to for aid when their power system fails again?


and the federal government pulls all of those nice money machines (military bases)

OpticalMoose, avatar

Let’s see. Where did I leave that picture of myself? Oh yeah, here it is:


Better to use republican politicians who have lots of pictures online.


I mean, here's mine


I was going to use a picture from that site for my mastodon profile, but I decided to use an mri of my brain. Since that is an actual image of me.

Darkassassin07, avatar

Pictures of adult faces are really difficult to find… VPNs also don’t exist.


Porn sites should just VPN redirect your browser connection for you.

Darkassassin07, avatar

That would put the liability of circumventing laws entirely on the company running the porn site instead of the individuals that visit. It’d get sued into the ground.

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