This is what they do? Donald Trump shaped the skyline of New York, and they do this???


Hivemind doesn’t get the reference.


Y’all don’t give him any ideas.


Eric is worth around $3.50 tops. That’s gonna be a lot of shagging to make it worth it. Better get started early, boy!


Confirmed for trump being the loch ness monster?


$3.50 tops?

He pays way more to bottom.


He’s going to have to work smarter not harder.

NegativeLookBehind avatar

A closeted trailerpark MAGAs wet dream

Arghblarg, avatar

Bwahahaha. I really hope the fire sales on properties he is forced to offer are severely underbid by all potential buyers. Make him eat the losses over and over again. Karmic reflection of the fraudulent over-valuing he always did, and reversing some of the money-laundering he did for all the shady foreign agents through those properties.


And junior is just the $100 kicker?

Apparently with pre-trial interest, the total is closer to 450 million.


Don’t forget the $83 million owed to E Jean Carol as well.

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