These are the same cops that were going around in unmarked vans picking up protesters in 2020. Fucking PPB is a bunch of white supremacist, white nationalist, alt-right bastards. There's even an article about how they had snipers on the roofs during the protest, and gave shelter to the proud boys, and false reports about a shooting where a guy shot five protesters. War crime Wheeler and the entire PPB need to be held accountable for their actions.


These are the same cops that have been censored and sued by the DOJ and FBI and mandated to have independent monitoring because of the exceptional level of unnecessary violence, death and discriminatory practices.…/190694…/court-approves-police-reform-agreem…

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Why can't they just obey the law?


They can obey the law, they just don’t WANT to.


Law enforcement in this country needs to be completely dissolved, they hold entirely too much power and refuse to compromise. So fuck em, court Marshall every union leader, police chief, and sheriff, as well as anyone else that tries to refuse or protest, put every single officer on a list that says they can never own a gun again and must submit to monitoring until there is enough evidence that they’ve been rehabilitated, those who willingly agree and participate are given a stipend to live on until then and provided with career transition and general psychological counseling. They think they are special and not just dudes with a job that confers power, so let’s remind them that being a cop is no more special than being a custodian and is in every way less respectable than a custodian

Fuck all cops

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