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Do you plan your builds? If so, how and to what detail?

I used to at most do a basic floor plan in ms paint on a 64x64 grid I had saved lol but the more I play around with constrainfloorelevation and the endless design options it opens up, the more I find I need to plan, and the harder it is to get my head around what I should do first, because it becomes so much harder to add and...

The Sims Online in 2023 and open source engine recreations of the original Sims game (

I saw a post on !games with the video Death of a Game: The Sims Online by nerdSlayer Studios. It talks about how The Sims Online was received by fans and it’s decline. Towards the end the video FreeSO is mentioned which is something I haven’t thought about in years so I wanted to share it here....

My experience playing Sims 3 with only one Sim/lot and some of the quirks I've encountered (

So about a week ago I made a post here titled If you create a world in the Sims 3 with a lot for a single Sim how difficult would it be to survive? Could you think of anything that could help?. In it I talked about the possible challenges of a post-apocalypse play-through where you have a single Sim in a town and you need to...

It would be interesting if the Sims' Loner trait decreased your social level as you interacted with others

The Sims 3’s Loner trait gives you the Too Many People and the Enjoying Solitude moodlets depending on your situation but your Sims still require social interaction. I feel like a social battery system that depletes as you interact with others be an interesting challenge....

Haven't played for a while, what new DLC are worth getting?

I stopped playing around the time the My Wedding Stories pack came out (broken). The High School pack that launched after that was also broken (and as an aging off player who does worldbuilding it is not in the least compatible with my playstyle). Are the new Generations pack and the Horse pack interesting/worthwhile? Or at...

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