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hello fedisphere! :BhjFlag_Transgender: :BhjFlag_TransMasc: :BhjFlag_Polytricolor:

i'm joshie, your local thirty something puppy boy ( he / him ) from brisbane / meanjin.

i'm , , & & live with my anchor partner, @JigglyWyvern. we have four cats & i will definitely post a lot of pictures of them. my other partner, @CyberSaloperie, lives in france :neofox_heart:

i love ! some of my current favourite games are , , , , & . i'm primarily a steam / pc gamer, but i also have a switch. hmu if you wanna be steam / switch friends!

( golden retriever ) & ( also golden retriever, plus a few others ). i bark a lot and sometimes i bite :3 i will be posting a lot of thoughts about being both therian & furry.

i read like most people breath, mostly & , or as i like to call it, . i also read a lot of books. i'm a queer romantasy writer myself, currently working on a novel about a transmasc werewolf & a non-binary vampire that start a polycule full of other supernatural creatures. you can find more about my writing on @fluffypawswrites.

i love all kinds of , & i've been trying to get into & of late. i love & , though i'm not very good at it, but i have fun anyway.

i'm known to be a lewdposter, however i try to keep to contained to my after dark account, [i will add the link once my ad account has been approved]. feel free to follow me there for more hornyposting.

this is not the first instance i've been on, so you have likely seen me around the fedisphere before, but i'm hoping this will be the last for a long time :Blobhaj_Love:

i'd love to make connections with other trans, queer, autistic, adhd, therian, furry etc folks, so please give this a boost so i can find my people :neofox_flag_trans:

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