jol, (edited )

If you can’t buy it, I can’t imagine this will make much of a dent in the black market. What the heck are cannabis clubs?


Getting the cops to stop hunting down marijuana users is a lot better than nothing. Considering current marijuana laws throughout Europe, this is still a big step in the right direction.


Yes, decriminalizing it is already a huge step. But as an occasional smoker I really hate having to buy from some shady dealer or constantly looking for a reliable grower.


Cannabis clubs are a work around for selling cannabis being prohibited through international treaties. E.g. the laws around free transfer of goods in the EU isn’t made with exceptions for illegal substances in mind. So the EU would’ve to reclassify cannabis, which is unlikely to pass for a long time.

Someone has to be part of a cannabis club, which has a membership fee and gives out a maximum of 50g per month. This means it’s not directly buying cannabis, which might mean people who consume less have to pay relatively more per amount.


Let’s see if they actually go through with it. And even then, let’s see if they do it without pulling a Thailand. “oh shit we accidently did the right thing, can’t have that”


The conservative CDU already said that they want to make weed illegal again, if they win the next election. Which is likely because the current government isn’t well liked. Luckily most other parties are pro-legalization, so hopefully they won’t get the necessary majority (except for the far right, partly right extremist AfD. Luckily no one wants to form a government with them).

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