TL;DR: We Are Migrating To !uap

Firstly, I want to express my gratitude to everyone who has joined this community and contributed to the discussion surrounding UAP. I appreciate the inputs of both the staunch skeptics and unwavering believers. It’s essential to remember that we all come from different backgrounds and, therefore, hold varying beliefs or truths about this topic. While you might completely disagree with someone, it is crucial to respect each other’s perspectives and maintain civility in our discussions.

With this in mind, I have decided to appoint another moderator to this community. My aim is to improve my neutrality during discussions and facilitate meaningful conversation instead of interjecting my personal beliefs. I want members of this community to feel that their voices are being heard and that we are not creating an echo chamber. To ensure balanced decisions, I believe it is important to bring on board someone with a perspective different from mine and who operates in a different time zone. After an extensive discussion with /u/, I believe this individual fulfills these requirements.

Both of us strongly value transparency, not only regarding the subject matter, but also concerning the operation of this community. We aim to be as open as possible about any decisions that impact this community. We also want members to have a say in these decisions. To this end, we are exploring various means to enable community members to vote on key decisions in the future.

Ironically, we are making one decision without community input, due to the simple fact that we currently don’t have a reliable way to ensure the integrity of community voting and this decision needed to take place rather quickly. SpaceApe and I have decided to initiate the process of migrating this community from /c/uap_lemmy to /c/uap. Ideally, I would have preferred the simple community name “uap”, but it was already taken. However, it seemed to be inactive, and after reaching out to support, they have agreed to transfer it over to us. I believe it’s best to make this change sooner rather than later. While I can’t predict how much this community will grow, I want its name to be simple and straightforward for easy discovery.

In conclusion, the future direction of this community will remain flexible. As an ordinary person incessantly seeking answers and meaning in life, I see this community as a pathway towards realizing that aim. Your input and feedback are always welcomed and encouraged. I eagerly anticipate seeing you all at !uap


SignullGone and SpaceApe


I understand that some of you may be worried that we might lose the momentum we have here, but I believe we have a solid plan in place. For some time, I intend to cross-post any content from /c/ to /c/ and lock the post with a message. This strategy should achieve two goals:

  1. Both new and old users who stumble upon !uap_lemmy won’t perceive this community as inactive.
  2. The discussion will be redirected to the !uap post.

I’m confident that this will gradually shift users over. Regardless, I’ll remain active over at !uap, posting and conversing with myself like a mad person, whether there’s one user or a thousand.


Oh, it’s a bummer they can’t just rename the communities on the back end. I assume you asked about that?


Unfortunately, we didn’t have any options that would enable us to simply rename this existing community. The best option presented to us was to purge the !uap community and recreate it. I believed it was best to proceed with this as soon as possible.

rodhlann avatar

Thanks for this post!! I never would have known lurking from Kbin 😁


Not a problem! Hope to see you over there!


No way to migrate posts and comments, is there? It’d be a shame to lose the little spark that was already here.


Not currently.

Maybe as a workaround the mods could set up a bot that crossposts from the new community to here and lock new posts/comments here?

That way someone who subbed here but not the new com will get the new posts and directed to the new community.


That is the current plan. I will be manually cross posting for the time being. We are looking into bots.


That is our concern as well, but we are confident that we can keep it going. I plan on being active in both communities until we get our feet under us at !uap. We’ve also made a post in New Communities, which should attract more users.


I understand what you mean, but I’ve seen how @SignullGone is the most active poster and it feels like a lot of the spark we have is due to them. I believe the nearly unique amount of genuinely good posts that soon will be exclusively posted to !uap will keep the spark alive!

spaceape, (edited )

I’m looking forward to seeing you all there!

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