so, to the and communities on Fedi.

I ordered a device called a BT Speak about a week ago. It is a PDA-like device, with an 8-dot Perkins style Braille keyboard and speech output for the visually impaired.

When I got the device, it did not boot, and I contacted the company about it.

I was able to get the device working again by myself rather quickly, however here in lies the reason for my post.

The company were so quick to respond that a replacement unit is already on the way.

After some discussion, what has been decided is that I will be donating the replacement device, brand new, to a visually impaired child who may not be able to procure assistive technology via other means.


So here is where you come in, lovely people.

I do not actually know many parents of visually impaired children in the UK. So, I would be very appreciative if one of you kind souls would point me in the right direction to find someone who could make use of it.

The device usually retails for £1400, not including VAT and import fees, all of which shall be paid for.

If you do not know anyone, then boosts for reach would also be appreciated.
Thank you all for your assistance with keeping our young visually impaired children learning Braille.



@fireborn Have you tried contacting any of the charities like Look UK?


@andrew Not yet. It is something I will do, though I'd prefer the device not go to an organization, I absolutely want it to go to a disadvantaged child.

http_error_418, avatar

@fireborn maybe you've already thought of this, but any reason you wouldn't go through RNIB? I'm sure they will know many such people


@http_error_418 Nothing wrong with going through the RNIB, and I will probably give them a call, but I wanted to see who people might know directly. I didn't have bad dealings with the RNIB per say, but I can't say they seemed thrilled to be helping. I also don't want it to go to an organization or anything like that, so if I give it to a charaty then I lose that certainty that it is helping a disadvantaged child.


@fireborn hay bro. I volunteer with Look UK, a blindness charity that specifically works with blind children and their families and is lead by a blind person herself. I know if I gave those guys a ring they'd find a family whose kid could really use this device. Has it been spoken for yet? If not I'll make some calls.


@bermudianbrit It has not. Please do so.

If a lot of interst is generated, I'll look into getting more units.


@fireborn ok cool. I know you're a bit cautious with VI charities and from my experience I'd say you really are right to be. Sod the RNIB they're pretty hopeless. But Look really is doing good work and they're grassroots in a way that the others aren't.


@bermudianbrit Look is one of the charities that I'm likely to contact. I just wanted to see if anyone knew anyone personally or had contacts.


@fireborn yep. I've just messaged my contacts there directly and will let you know what I get.

ht_honey, avatar

@fireborn If you fo not get any other people singing up, I do have work connections with a VI service. However, I wouldn't be able to get an answer from them for the next 2 weeks. I am sure that you will find a home before that but give me a nudge if not.


@ht_honey Hi, I will let you know! These devices are really excelent learning tools for both Braille and computing.

dilmandila, avatar

@fireborn I know of a child in Uganda who could use it....


@dilmandila Hi. While I'd love to do this, I'm not sure about shipping there. I'd love to help out, though.


@fireborn Aaron is always so kind to others I've never seen him say a bad word about anyone. He's helped me and many others I'm sure. Aaron this is sooo kind. I don't know of anyone, but I'll keep an ear out.


@LaurenCeleste Thank you so much. Definitely keep an ear out. x


I just wanted to take the time to thank everyone for taking the time to boost, favourite and reply. I'll get around to addressing those replies I have not yet been able to as soon as I can. You are all wonderful people.



In London I know a Burkinabe student that may be able to bring it to the ABPAM in Ouagadougou (Association Burkinabé des Personnes Aveugles et Malvoyantes).
I don't know how soon he could get it there, though.


I just got confirmation form the London youngster that he could get it there relatively soon as he has family who travels often; longest delay would be July.


@LibreFaso Hi. Thank you for confirming. I'd rather give the device to an individual, rather than an Organization

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