Which Mastodons / Lemmies / RSS Feeds / Hashtags / Reddits do you follow for Ukrainian War?

I think we here on Lemmy obviously prefer Lemmy links, maybe Mastodon as well. But there’s other good resources out on the greater internet worth following too. Hopefully we can get all of these onto Lemmy eventually, but for now, we should make lists.


You can get an rss feed from openrss.org/servername. Or you can get native Mastodon rss feed for specific users or hashtags by adding .rss to the end. For example: openrss.org/nafo.uk/ will generate an RSS feed for the whole local timeline of the nafo.uk Mastodon server. While mastodon.world/ gives you DarthPutin’s specific RSS feed.

  • nafo.uk – North American Fellas Organization, mostly meme-posting/shitposting, but mostly about Ukrainian War.
  • mastodon.world/ – DarthPutin has a Mastodon
  • mstdn.social/ – NoelReports

ukraine@sopuli.xyz seems to be the most active community right now. Feel free to add others to this list that you think we should be advertising.


That’s all I got personally. But maybe others know of good people to follow (Twitter / Reddit included. I know that not everyone wants to go back to those webpages, but some people are willing to explore those webpages still).


On Mastodon, Mina Hanse hanse_mina@nafo.uk posts informative news.


Reddit is the reason I learned about lemmy. But the rest seems really informational


Following this sub here on Lemmy.

On mastodon the most active I follow are @noelreports and @chrisschmitz

Honorable mention to @tendar , just not as active on mastodon as twitter

@chrisschmitz@nafo.army avatar

@galim @noelreports @Tendar

Hey, many thanks!


On Mastodon, Tim Mak (@timkmak) is the best source of information I’ve found. journa.host/

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