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War is one thing, but there's no call for profanity.


If you can’t recognize this massive sarcastic comparison between war and profanity, you’re not ready for the internet.

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Oh fuck off with that nonsense.


I’m no expert in the field, but I think he was joking…

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Probably, but then Poe's Law.

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That man answers to none. Least of all Poe!

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There’s nothing to joke about here.

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"Boo, get off the stage Grant"


Is this the next evolution of r/shutupwesley

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How dare you use profanity on the internet, don’t you know there are children here? For SHAME

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Watching you humor is like seeing the hands of the maestro at work. It may be time to start adding the slash S, but I can't fully express how f***ing much I respect that you don't.

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Aw, you. I might actually be blushing.


Respect for the game. Now send nudes.

TinyPizza, (edited )
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  • Illuminostro,

    Spergs gonna sperg.

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    You think trolls are the people on the receiving end and not the losers making these “jokes”?

    Fucking hell the Internets gone to shit.

    TinyPizza, (edited )
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    Eh, you're right. I got rinsed on this one. Lesson learned for the next time.


    The whole /s thing makes me sick. Just understand context, people.


    Can't expect people to have this level of reading comprehension ...


    /a started to be used because the context can be so ambiguous. It isn’t needed when no-one would honestly say what was said. Unfortunately, the bar for that is so low now, it’s practically an underground pipe.

    It also removes the “it was a joke, don’t get so uptight” argument, when they get called out for being a racist prick etc.

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    Ukrainian children are being murdered, kidnapped and tortured everyday by deranged russian terrorists.


    After everything Ukrainian people have been through you want to complain about profanity. Fuck off.


    Fuck off.

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    You know, fuck off

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    Fuck yeah.


    The man is resolute. Ukraine is lucky to have him as their leader.

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    Fuck terrorist Putin

    TinyPizza, (edited )
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    How is Putin a terrorist?

    Edit: I don't support Putin or Russia in the slightest, I was baiting out a genocide apologist above me to agree that murdering countless civilians is terrorism. If you support the wholesale murder of Palestinian civilians, go on and eat dirt. This has obviously confused some people and I'm sorry for that. It was not my intent to upset you and create a Poe's Law ouroboros.


    This was dumb. The edit was dumb, you’re dumb.

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    Putin is mass murdering Ukrainian civilians.

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    Israel has killed more civilians in a month. Thank you Grant. You proved my point.


    Classic whataboutism. Completely separate conflicts.

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    Indeed, so classic

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    piss off russian troll

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    Lol, I will always support Ukraine, as the flag on my house that I've replaced 3 times now will attest to. Glory to the heros. No glory for you Grant or the terrorists you support. Slava Ukraine!


    Thank you for your kind support 🙏

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    it is an idiotic question that needs to be downvoted.. you are an idiot for asking it..

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    Damn, friendship ended I guess. Were the guillotine jokes for nothing man? You changed.


    liberals have the political spine of a tube of jello

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    more drama

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    Gotta love Connect for Lemmy on Android, it has user tagging. For instance “asshole troll”.

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    Oh neat, didn’t know it had this feature, thanks!



    As a state actor, Putin is indeed probably not technically a terrorist. He just walks like one and quacks like one, as the saying goes.

    But as you see, the hive mind seems to like using the term here. And trolling anyone isn’t really going to be productive.

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    there it is. no notes.

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    Maybe some brief notes on the Islamofascist scourge? Perhaps a post it on how to boost every comment that you'll ever make till the heat death of the universe...

    JATtho, (edited )

    I have bought a few ukranian beers if that matters. Every time I take a sip I feel their pain and terror. It is not a nice feeling. I think there is some quantum entanglement or just fear of losing your ground.

    The Putfuck re-started a 1940 era war by breaking their former promises, in a time period the entire humanity is burning up due to our collective failure to take care our future.

    The time and resources wasted by this war has no number and no cost other than denying our own future existent on this blue marble. The clock is ticking, and my only hope is that humanity survives, despite its arrogant and violent nature.


    That’s literally what it comes down to. I don’t think it requires clean language or flowery etiquette. A country is at risk of losing their freedom and independence because another country wants to conquer it for the sake of land, wealth, and perceived glory.

    There is no simpler way to explain Ukraine’s justification in continuing the fight than how Zelenskyy put it. The reasoning is sound. And it’s a much-needed reminder for anybody who forgot amidst the politics surrounding the war.


    hows that counter-offensive going


    Awful, lots of people are dying for a senseless war, just like all other wars.


    a heavily avoidable one if ukraine just didn’t try to ban the russian language and try to create an ethnostate. Ukraine is not getting back those territories, it also lost the right to them after trying to kill the people in them for 8 years. Ukraine is going to lose, and they better hope its sooner in donbass than later in kiev.


    How’s that 3 day special military operation going?


    who said I support russia?

    Hows that counter-offensive going?

    TheBlue22, (edited )

    Motherfucker look at your name. You joined 3 hours in vain attempts at trolling


    uh i created my name 3 hours ago I do in fact know my name

    Russia ain’t communist pal, I prefer the soviet union over your little reactionary capitalist oligarchies

    American illiteracy strikes again, its ‘vain’ not ‘vein’. And is it trolling to fully state my opinions and intentions? I think you’re just using buzzwords at this point, very stupid of ya


    Funny to assume I’m american, if I don’t like the soviet union, not european, who has seen its horrors and heard countless stories of it from my ancestors.

    Go fuck yourself, tankie scum.


    i really don’t care, if your ancestors were scared maybe the soviets should have gotten them. I really don’t care about your crocodile tears when youve only ‘expirenced’ any socialism from your racist grandpa.

    go fuck yourself, cuck for imperialism


    You make all of this shit up because you have no legs to stand on. You don’t stand for socialism, you dont stand for peace. You don’t stand for human rights nor anything that could be called leftist.

    You are an authotarian apologist, genocide apologist and a deeply stupid person. I almost feel bad for you


    I stand for socialism, I stand for peace, I stand for human rights, I will stand for them until the day I die, if I am so lucky as to be a part of it.

    What do you stand for again? Lies and imperialism? Defense of fascists? An inept understanding of history and politics?

    You are an authotarian apologist, genocide apologist and a deeply stupid person. I almost feel bad for you

    America is based on those things, don’t project that on me. And unlike you i don’t care for false concern, i will laugh at you for how completely inept you are. Really? The nazi state? Thats the leftist support for ya? I don’t support the war, but its obvious its america’s fault for poking the bear when it could have used russia against china, but i assume america was too racist to think it useful.

    also you know shit about me, i support no genocide. Unlike Ukraine, which supports the genocide of palestine.


    I’ve spent enough time arguing with tankies to know its useless. I could waste my time correcting and debunking all your lies, but you will simply answer with more lies.


    I’ve spent enough time arguing with tankies to know its useless. I could waste my time correcting and debunking all your lies, but you will simply answer with more lies.

    Bitch I could say the same about you! Do you really think youve found some god hidden truth not to engage with those who don’t agree with your views?

    You also seem to be from the chaser instance so i aint taking shit from ya loser


    Account <1d. Downvotes ahoy!


    and yall say hexbear downvote brigades (despite hexbear not being able to downvote)

    yall libs are just stupid, its the only conclusion i can come to for your ideological ineptitude



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