"We will not stop at Kyiv, Warsaw, Paris. We will stop when we feel secure." - Russian propagandist Solovyov

Mirror: https://files.catbox.moe/b2jfwt.mp4

Source: t.me/pravdaGerashchenko_en/29009

Russian propagandist Solovyov:

“We will not stop at Kyiv, Warsaw, Paris. We will stop when we feel secure.”

What is security for Russia? The destruction of NATO?

Russia has been living in “counteraction and struggle” with external “bad enemies” for a very long time. This is how the Russian government consolidates society and explains all the problems to it.

Therefore Solovyov is right - they will not stop.


Here's a wild thought, maybe the best security comes from being a good neighbor and cooperating with people around you.

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Ireland here. Can confirm.

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this is russia we're talking about here, they and germany are the bad neighbors of europe

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"Give us each day our daily 'Germany bad!'"...

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Germany is the wurst!


Germany has been pretty damn secure since it started getting along with its neighbours


Never mind him, he's a little daft.


Prevent misinformation. Like the garbage the germany-hater is spouting.


Ich geb’s zu. Ich bin an allem schuld.


Russians can’t trust. They grow up in a culture where corruption is common and lies more prevalent than reality. The only way a Russian can ever trust a thing is to do it themselves. The only other option is to remove anyone else who can do it better and then claim the advance as a Russian victory.

Russia can’t be trusted by anyone anymore. Russians will be out for themselves, as they always are.

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I mean of course they won’t stop at Kyiv. They can’t reach it.

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still incredible to me that kyiv still stands in ukrainian hands, i was absolutely sure it was going to fall in three days. amazing.




Oh that’s one hell of a one-liner, I like it!


lol. Blyats can’t take Ukraine and NATO hasn’t done more than supply weapons and intelligence.

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and not even the best boom-booms, either.

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In your opinion what are the best boom-booms of NATO, short of nuclear devices?


Known or suspected/hypothetical?

You gotta imagine the US has at least one or two publicly unknown weapon types socked away for a rainy day. At the outside, perhaps something crazy in the vein of Rods from God.

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the u.s. does not export 'everything' (even when excluding nuclear devices) in its arsenal.


You know that’s right.


I suspect NATO would be able to deploy localized laser based anti drone weapons.

Maybe show-off their experimental ship based rail guns?


Metal Gear?


A single raptor would turn the whole russ*an air force into scrap metal. Like a quarter of the globes airspace would be enforced by that lmao



Or whatever we’ve made since then.

uphillbothways, (edited )
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AGM-158 JASSM's with CHAMP packages. Stealth cruise missiles with anti-electronics packages. Would bring down the bloodshed significantly while disabling enemy communications, launchers, radar installations, etc. These can be fired by F-16s.


The CHAMP is superior to other electronic warfare weapons because it destroys electronics, rather than jamming which temporarily affects systems that come back online when it stops being applied....
CHAMP is capable of up to 100 shots per sortie.

be_excellent_to_each_other, (edited )
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Any fellow old folks remember the Iraqi Information Minister and related memes? Sounds like he's been giving this Russian guy lessons....



Baghdad Blyat


Because Russia is being invaded so often.

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Well, sure, a few weeks ago, Napoleon invaded it. Oh, wait, that was 1812…


I mean, let’s not forget Hitler…




The famous painter. His recent art piece is his brain scattered across the wall. Truly a masterpiece.


Historically, their brand of propaganda is rooted in almost millennia-long trauma the Russian people have suffered since Genghis Khan took over Russia back in the 1200’s, and other assholes have tried to invade them before.

Their way of dealing with it was to expand to have large swaths of land between them and anyone who’d try again. It’s why Russia is the largest country in the world by land area but only small parts of that land are actually developed.

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small parts of that land are actually developed.

To a mid-century standard at best, let’s be fair.


True. Still, history is history. I wish there was a way to heal the trauma of the Russian people so they stop submitting to dictators and acting like this.


We must fight wokeness on the beaches, the waterfronts and elsewhere. We shall never surrender.

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Russia becoming North Korea

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Ah yes famously expanding North Korea.


Only Russian aggression has made Russia insecure. Because now their borders are disputed.
Russia could have been perfectly secure, by just being a decent neighbor, and not invade other countries.


There was some interesting, supposedly intelligence chatter during the Crimea invasion, that russia was willing to go as far as nuke warsaw to hold their claims. There was discussion that in the cold war in the 1950’s, russia was a victor, and responding from a position of strength - but the men ruling today come from a collapsed country and feel the need to do whatever it takes to feel respected.

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The men ruling today are collapsed themselves, this is a pathetic show of hyper masculine murderers who just so happen to be dickless impotent yes men. It’s more scary today looking at the quality of leadership

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Says the most insecure, paranoid country in the world.


Is this a declaration of war? Against NATO??


Pretty much sounds like a declaration of war against Poland and France, and thus NATO to me.



ParanoidFactoid, (edited )


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  • interolivary,
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    Does anybody bother with actualy declaring wars anymore?

    ParanoidFactoid, (edited )


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  • interolivary,
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    Oh yeah no disagreement there, I was just wondering whether “proper” declarations of war are really much of a thing anymore


    If the west needs any more encouragement to assist Ukraine, here it is.

    The choice is help Ukraine now, or kick the can down the road and lament when Russia is at your borders.


    The choice is help Ukraine now, or kick the can down the road and lament when Russia is at your borders.

    That might seem scarier if they weren’t nearly 2 years into their 3 day war against their smaller, poorer next-door neighbour.

    Russia is a terrorist shithole state that needs to be dismantled. I wish my country was doing more than providing arms and training.


    Россия delenda est

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    I wish. There’s not going to be much delenda-ing of Russia thanks to nuclear weapons being a thing


    Its predecessor collapsed because of various factors. It doesn’t have to be a special military operation.

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    That’s true, I was more going off the original phrase’s meaning: “Carthago delenda est” translates to “Carthage must be destroyed”, and I didn’t take a reference to it mean eg. an implosion like with the Soviet union but an active destruction by someone


    I think it’ll be a bit of both. The USSR collapse was partly due to economic factors caused outside itself. Russia relies on exporting resources to support itself economically. Even China might see the advantage in the dissolution of the federation allowing it to enhance influence in regional republics in the East. Russia is not self-sufficient in many aspects and sanctions are gradually squeezing.


    It’s Nazi Germany all over again. Once you declared “total war” there is no way to escalate further and also no way to back down again.


    Do Russians people truly believe they would stand a chance against the whole fucking NATO?

    Propaganda is one thing, but that’s pure delusion.


    It’s why I imagine the Russian government has been trying to frame this as “self-defense” to its own people, when it’s clearly the opposite.

    They know that people will go to extreme lengths to fight when they believe they’re fighting defensively, for their own people, sovereignty, safety, etc. To that end, it won’t matter if they can realistically defeat NATO- they just want their own people to die trying.


    While I hear what you’re saying I have yet to witness where did the Ukrainian people strike in Russian land.

    Also, where are we in that “fight against satanistic nazis” story? Does anybody in Russia truly believes that shit, or are they just applying their centuries old coward self-defense skills against tyrant?


    From the Russian point of view, Russian speaking Ukrainians are their fellow citizens. The Russians claim Ukraine is mistreating them and invade to protect “Russians” in DPR/LPR. It’s total bullshit, but it fits Russian’s desire to be seen as both victims and heroes in their own psychodrama about the war.

    interolivary, (edited )
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    From the Russian point of view, Russian speaking Ukrainians are their fellow citizens

    But they also see Ukrainians as less-than compared to ethnic Russians. No minority in Russia is truly counted as “real” Russian, and they even have a separate word for “Russians who aren’t ethnic Russians”: россияне or rossiyane, where the word for “real” Russians is русский or russkiy.


    *Suicidal ideation


    This guy is giving Baghdad Bob a run for his money. But like him Satirist Solovyov is probably a true believer who is just detached from reality.

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