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60.4g and unironically ultralight 560g Android phones from the same company

The 60.4g one is here. It has a 2.45 inch screen, 1100mah removable battery, has been around for a while, and runs Android 8.1. By its dimensions it MIGHT fit into an Altoids tin (which would of course block RF signals from reaching it, good or bad depending). I emailed the company and they replied there are no plans to update...

🍻 !ultralight tops 700 members! To celebrate Jack hikes 700+ miles on the Great Divide Trail (www.youtube.com)

Jack’s trip is extraordinary, he did a ton of research, assembled a good kit and even made some of his own gear before taking a leap of faith traveling across the Atlantic to hike the stunning Canadian Rockies solo. I was inspired by his trip, the quality of his videos, and fascinated by his MYOG backpack.

Uinta Highline Trail Trip Report, Labor Day weekend 2023

Day 0 (mile 0-5) New York-Denver-Vernal-East Park Reservoir - Walk. Train. Walk. Bus. Walk. Plane. Walk. Plane. Hope to walk a lot more on the 105 mile Uinta Highline Trail. This trip is an effort to moderate my life. To hold a job, be there for my partner yet still have hiker dreams that occasionally become reality. I’ve...

Tip #2 Comfortable and safe are vital!

Comfortable and safe are vital! Anyone can go out into the mountains with a tiny amount of gear and suffer — you need to be warm, well-fed and ready to deal with safety issues. Ultralight camping should be delightful, not stressful. The challenge is to succeed with only the gear that’s absolutely needed....

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