The Superbowl is nothing more than watching rich people fight over a ball while companies spend obscene amounts of money to blast advertisements at you.

No offense or judgement meant to anyone if that’s your thing (to each their own). That’s just how I see pretty much all professional sports - the super bowl is just the poster child for it.

cosmicrookie, avatar

Not really an unpopular opinion is it…

ptz, avatar

Heh, we’ll see, I guess. I fully expected a flurry of downvotes right out of the gate, but I’m also thinking the timing may be skewing the results a bit.

BolexForSoup avatar

You’re on the fediverse. Not being into American football is hardly controversial lol

ptz, avatar

Haha, touche. Guess I’ll have to post something similar in 2026 during the World Cup if I want a controversial post 😂

cosmicrookie, avatar

It’s just funny because this was up yesterday from in here

ptz, avatar

Trust me, this is not that. lol. I honest to gods thought I was going to get ripped a new one for daring to say anything bad about the Superbowl.


Around here? Doubtful.

ptz, avatar

Fair point. That’s on me. I was treating it as “General Unpopular Opinion” and not “Unpopular Opinion on Lemmy”. I agree there is a difference. lol


Yeah, even my friends who were really into sports barely watch any anymore, the superbowl generally being the first they stopped watching. Number one complaint? It’s more ads than game now.

scrubbles, avatar

I’ve noticed over the last few years of watching football that they don’t even care about missing actual action anymore. It used to be “Here’s something cool that happened, let’s take a break”.

Now it’s “Welcome back from the break, here’s what happened while you were consuming ads, and it’s time for another break”


Yes, this and the crazy stupid region, provider, service restriction nonsense, the, often large, mark-ups for sports packages, and the fact that cable was the only place you could get most games, for so long, when so few of the people my age even had cable anymore.

DigitalTraveler42, (edited )

See to me and my family the ads are one of the best part, not because we want to buy any of the crap or support the companies, but some of the ads are legitimately funny, and often some new movie or show trailer is shown as well which interests us if it’s something appealing.

Edit: tbf this years ads being full of “He gets us” pandering, RFK Jr bullshit, and a local Injury Attorney wearing maga bullshit, makes the ads far less enjoyable, fuck this religious and political bullshit.


So says everyone who watches the superbowl but isn’t big into football. See also the half-time show watchers. The people I am talking about are there for the sport.


Yeah I’m not big interested football, I only played until college, play fantasy football every season for almost two decades, once had a blog about my team, but sure I’m not that big into football at all. /s

I don’t understand why you have to make assumptions about me based on your personal biases? Especially when you’re wrong. Also not sure why people can’t just enjoy non-football things while watching football.

Not liking the commercials or the halftime show doesn’t make you more of a fan than somebody else, it just makes you sound like an elitist douche buzzkill, let people like things without being a prick about it.


I haven’t watched a single superbowl, so I don’t care about whatever elitism you read into that. I also have never met a single person who feels that the commercials are an important part of the entertainment who are really into football. First time for everything. Assuming you didn’t just make up shit to back an argument, you decided to have with someone about their elitism, around a subject they don’t care enough about to have elitist, or gatekeeping, sentiments about.

Maybe what I said came off in a different tone to you than it did for me.


I mean you’re judging me based on finding a little bit of entertainment from commercials during a game, how else am I supposed to take it? Also don’t turn this around on me, you’re being the judgemental prick here about something dumb AF.

Also a pretty weird stance to take considering how you’re saying you’re not a fan, like who are you to judge my fandom especially when apparently you are not a fan?

Again, this all goes back to how about not being a judgemental prick and letting people enjoy what they enjoy?


Wasn’t a judgemental statement as far as I am concerned. Unless you think someone assuming you don’t prioritize the sport of the game you are watching because of your statement on the commercials is somehow a judgement on your character. I was bringing up that the people I know who stopped are there for the football, not the extras.


Well so sorry I don’t meet your silly metrics for football fandom. 🤷‍♂️


Sorry my silly metrics bothered your silly sensitivities.


I’m just glad to see I was right when I judged you a prick, but don’t worry my sensitivities are just fine because I’m enjoying myself rather than being a miserable hater online.


You are doing plenty of hating online, at the moment. Oh and I was replying to sarcasm with sarcasm, that makes us both pricks.


i definitely know which insurance company not to patronize now.


Yup, it’s Bread and Circuses all over again.

also something to note: they intentionally edge the fans constantly - the game’s only an hour long. but we gotta pause play for commercials every few fucking moments, over and over again. punctuate edging with violent conflict - add in the lore/fanfic/tradition/dream job aspects - oh yeah, it keeps their attention.

all to watch grown men run around in spandex playing a children’s game for millions of dollars, giving each other crippling brain and body injuries that will follow them into their graves.


Everything sounds weird when you break it down to the right essentials.

  • Watching sequential images arranged to trick your brain into experiencing a story while you crush mutated grains between your teeth.
  • Manually manipulating on-screen pixels at meaningful times to change later output.
  • Interpreting shapes of printed ink in an attempt to replicate another person’s mental patterns with the goal of experiencing a shared hallucination.
  • Touring elaborately-staged displays of old junk and household items, sometimes with commentary.

“Everything is weird when you think on it too overly.” And as a correlary, everything is frivolous when you essentialize it too uncommonly.


A man from England told me this, when talking about the difference between Rugby and American Football. Rugby is a thug sport played by gentlemen. Football is a gentleman’s sport played by thugs.


Feels… vaguely racist.

Maybe not even vaguely. Like I really cannot think of what the distinguishing line between “rugby players” and “American football players” is that would make one group ‘thugs’ other than “one of them is predominantly black”


I read it as American vs British, disregarding race.


He was describing American football players/teams as thugs. It is not meant with race in mind at all. For a little context there was some big argument going on the TV and the American team was throwing a hissy fit and screaming at the officials.

Edit, to add: Rugby can be quite violent, but the players have some respect for the game and officials. I don’t really follow sports, but I found Rugby fascinating when I was over there! What a neat game.


This is a very well known phrase in England, but it refers to football (soccer) and rugby. I have never heard this in reference to American football and cannot even imagine how the meaning would translate.

The meaning of it comes from football being a supposedly gentle game of skill, but played and loved by the common people and with a long history of bad behaviour on and off the pitch, versus rugby being a rough, bruising, injury riddled sport that was played by aristocratic rich kids in private schools who are all excellent young men destined for greatness.

Of course this is mostly oversimplified bollocks, but with just enough truth behind it to make it funny.


I think you confused football with Amerixan football. It is referring to what you would call soccer.


Nope. This was a comment from a Brit when we were discussing the difference between Rugby and American football. I found it an apt description at the time.


I’ve never cared much about football and it’s almost impossible to live in the US without constantly having to hear about it. I have to admit I’ve enjoyed the fact the Taylor Swift is now being shoe horned into football and people are mad cause they don’t want to hear about her. If either fell off the face of the earth I wouldn’t lose a second of sleep but oh the sweet sweet irony of listening to football fans whine about having to see and hear something they don’t care about shoved in their face, Oh I’m so sorry that’s happening to you, whats that like? Please tell me all about it.


Huntin’ deer, chasin’ trout

A bud light with the logo facin’ out


All sports, all awards shows, all reality TV (though sometimes starting poor people (working for rich people)).

Don’t forget the bullshit showings of patriotism and military recruiting.

ptz, avatar

Pretty much.


bad post, clearly a popular opinion


I don’t remember a ball or ads but I did find out the best owl.


It’s a distraction served to the working class by the ruling class so we dont spend time thinking about how badly theyre robbing us and how badly theyre destroying the planet and how soft and fleshy their necks are.


I hate this mentality, this weird “THEY WANT IS DISTRACTED” mentality. In reality, it’s a product that they make money on. It’s a business. It’s not some arm of a conspiracy or secret society designed to subjugate the masses. It’s just entertainment. While it might serve as a distraction as an outcome, its not like its the point, this type of dialouge is pointless


“Paid for by the emperor, the games were used to keep the poor and unemployed entertained and occupied. The emperor hoped to distract the poor from their poverty in the hopes that they would not revolt.”

There are very similar undertones when compared to the Colosseum games in Rome.


But the emperor isn’t paying for this circus. The plebs are. The Superbowl is not a loss-leader to keep the poors from rising up, it’s a profitable enterprise that keeps generating wealth. The money is what keeps it going, not some plan to keep people down.

I fucking wish it were bread and circuses. Except instead of bread I’ll accept healthcare, and instead of circuses we get cable news.


Lemmy keeps me distracted. It is therefore part of the conspiracy.

Linkerbaan, avatar

And it was a great distraction for israel to start bombing Rafah while they played their superbowl genocide brainwashing advertisement.


Yep! The Super Bowl Sunday Massacre. Grotesque.


There were side bets if someone would end up throwing up gang signs like tua


Silver lining: There won’t be very many more Superbowls!!


They didn’t get any of my money. I watched the game for free and got away with it.


Did you watch any ads though?


It’s true.

At some point, though, you just let it go. It’s just easier that way. Watch it, don’t, like it, don’t, none of that changes what it is. And, presuming CTEs still wipe out 90% of players in the future, it won’t be around forever.


Life is nothing more than sleeping, shitting and dying.

You can attach that pessimism to anything… But in reality, the Superbowl is a celebration and something millions of people to look forward to. It brings a large group of people excitement and half of them happiness

Why take that away?


There’s a pretty long list of reasons why professional sports, and especially the NFL, shouldn’t exist. All I can do is not contribute. If trogs want to waste their money muh teeem, I guess I don’t give a shit anymore.


Do you believe entertainment shouldn’t exist?


Would be cool if it wasn’t any rapists. Would be cool if there weren’t brain injuries on live TV every season. Would be cool if the 750 mil public subsity Vegas spent on the sb stadium went to a more underserved community.

Some of those catches are fire, though. Worth it.


You know what they say about opinions…


Bread and circuses.


Ayyy that’s a good fucking reply.


If circuses weren’t important people wouldn’t be complaining about the Netflix crackdown.

ptz, avatar

At no point in my post was I disparaging anyone who enjoyed it. You do you, friend. I was just giving my unpopular opinion on why I don’t care for it.


oh yeah, I’m just responding to it?

but, when you cut down shit to something like “Star Trek is just a bunch of rich people role playing for nerds” or something… I do think there is subtle disparagement, right? Doesn’t mean it’s wrong to have an opinion.


You’re right. He is disparaging the Superbowl by using the words “nothing more than”. It implies that the Superbowl is low, base, and common (which is generally true). But it also implies that he’s above that; he’s better and more intelligent because he doesn’t watch it.

“Pro athletes are richer than the average person” isn’t an unpopular opinion. “Championship ads are expensive” isn’t unpopular either. His real opinion is “I don’t like the Superbowl and that makes me special.” That’s not unpopular, it’s just boring and false.


maybe OP is a lions fan and is pissed they choked in the playoffs



How about: Taxpayers paying to build stadiums that they cannot afford to buy seats in just so an already disgustingly profitable private company can have a huge subsidy?


Next you’re gonna tell me that the Marvel movies are nothing but watching rich people pretend to be fighting each other while poorer people pay to go watch. And WWE wrestling is…well actually the same description.

They are rich because we pay (with money or ads) to watch them. We pay because they entertain us.


Yeah yeah it is all a fake conflict between millionaires orchestrated by billionaires. I still enjoy the MCU.

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