Female singers only want to sing about love, relationships, or breakups. They need to sing more about Godzilla, Vikings, The Grim Reaper, or making a bet with the Devil for a golden fiddle.

At this point in history there’s been a billion songs from female singers about relationships. Nearly every song revolves around that topic.

Where are the songs like:

Blue Öyster Cult - Godzilla

Blue Öyster Cult - Don’t Fear The Reaper

Led Zeppelin - Immigrant Song

The Charlie Daniels Band - The Devil Went Down to Georgia

Even great songs like Rhiannon by Fleetwood Mac though about a witch is still about a witch & unrequited love.

One reason why I like Trip Hop is because there’s some great female voices but the lyrics aren’t always themed towards relationships. I suspect though that many of those songs are written by the guys in the band.

Everything I have stated above about female singers applies to female comedians too. They primarily joke about relationship stuff. There are no female Mitch Hedbergs joking about silly shit.

I just want to hear Shakira or Jewel or Norah Jones sing a song about mudwrestling Satan in a dive bar in 1970s Louisiana. Ladies, where is your imagination?

themeatbridge, (edited )

I think you’re a victim of availability bias. You’re thinking of all the women who sing songs about relationships and forgetting all the men who sing songs about relationships. You’re remembering all the men who sing about not-relationships and forgetting all the women who do the same.

Tik Tok, Royals, I Love Rock and Roll, Girls Just Wanna Have Fun, Tom’s Diner, All I Wanna Do, Anti-Hero, 9 to 5, the list can go on indefinitely.

And that goes doubly for comedians.

Mitch Hedberg did jokes about relationships. “I don’t have a girlfriend, but I do know a woman who would be mad at me for saying that.”

There are dozens of currently active women who do comedy that isn’t just about relationships. Most probably include jokes about relationships, but comedy is about shared experiences, and relationships are fertile ground for material.


I get your point but one Mitch Hedberg joke out of all of his act is not the same as what most female comedians do. You know what I meant.

BolexForSoup avatar

what most female comedians do

Name five female comics you have watched in the past 2-3 years without looking them up. If you’re going to make such a ridiculous generalization, then you better have pretty decent knowledge of who is hot right now. Because I can rattle off plenty of female comics who talk about relationships no more than any other comic and definitely don’t make it the center of their acts.


Can you rattle off a few? Not prove anything. Just want recommendations for some new stand-up

BolexForSoup avatar

Christina P (Tom segura’s partner) is hysterical. Liza Schlesinger has some pretty good specials from the mid to late 2010’s but definitely seems to be having a little trouble coming up with really quality new stuff (relative to how strong she was initially. She’s still funny). A few years old now but if you missed Ali Wong’s Baby Cobra put that at the top, it’s a masterpiece. Her followup didn’t hit as hard for me but solid.


Both Spotify and apple music have massive playlists of female singers in the rock/metal genre, you need to stop looking at pop music if you want to find decent stuff


Are the females in those bands writing the songs or are the guys writing the songs?

livus avatar

@QueenB are you seriously trying to say men write songs and women don't?

This has to be a troll.

Pro tip: if you don't want to tell on yourself, don't call women "females" like you're David Attenborough talking about some bugs.


Female singers only want to sing about love, relationships or breakups

Someone’s moving the goalpost


Not moving the goalpost. That’s what I was originally thinking during creation of the post but perhaps I could have phrased my title better. The whole point is about creativity and using your imagination to come up with song ideas.


Do you think that most pop singers write their songs themselves?


I gave you a suggestion to help find new artists/bands, the research on songwriting is up to you, but I can tell you now there’s a lot of bands where the front woman is writing

BolexForSoup avatar

What a ridiculous, flagrantly sexist question.


FEMALES. You always know it's going to be a nonsensical sexist take when that word pops up over and over.

BraveSirZaphod avatar

To be honest, I actually thought this post was satirical at first, because the idea of someone actually being annoyed that women aren't singing about vikings seemed a little far-fetched. But, just to examine the current Spotify charts:

There's "yes, and?", the new lead single by Ariana Grande. It's basically about self-confidence and persisting through criticism.

"What was I made for?, by Billie Eilish, is about self-doubt and confusion in developing your own identity.

"Paint The Town Red", by Doja Cat, is basically another self-confidence and empowerment anthem.

"Texas Hold 'em", by Beyoncé, is basically about a night out in Texas.

"Dance The Night", by Dua Lipa, is about being the life of a party and dancing the night away. It's not exactly poetry, but it's not trying to be. It's aiming to convey the euphoria of having a blast at a party, and does so very successfully.

Just to throw a fun one at you that you probably wouldn't expect, "No Body No Crime", by Taylor Swift, is basically a murder fantasy about a woman being murdered by her husband who's cheating on her, which inspires her best friend to in turn murder the husband. The storytelling is super fun, and Taylor Swift is genuinely a really good songwriter, though relationships definitely are the main focus of her work. From the same album is "the last great american dynasty", which is a biographical song about Rebekah Harkness, a wealthy 20th century divorcée who became infamous for her decadent lifestyle and who lived in a mansion that Swift herself now owns.


Did you take into account that most pop songs are about that topics? It’s not only female singers

ReallyKinda, (edited )

It’s important to keep social factors in mind here, think about incentives and the structure of the music industry—who is more likely to be signed by scouts? Who are the scouts and is there any bias in their selection?

Here’s a relevant article looking at gender differences among top 50 charting performers from 1960 to 2008. Note that they find that, gender aside, 71% of songs are about sex or love across the sample AND in each decade (1960, 1970, 1980, 1990, 2000). Obviously this is limited to popular music indicating minimally that songs about sex or relationships tend to chart well—you can be sure talent scouts (who are trying to make money for their labels) are aware of this. Also this can’t address your further question about songwriters (most top artists do not write their own songs, and commercial songwriters are incentivized to write lyrics about sex and love because these songs chart well).

It would be interesting if someone could do a similar study focused on songwriters (though commercial songwriters are not always acknowledged on the songs which might make this difficult). It would also be neat to perform a similar analysis on a group of artists who are less likely to be fiscally motivated to make music than top 50 artists.

Here’s the part of the discussion I found most relevant, “Our analysis of lyrical content of the Top 50 songs from even numbered years between 1960 and 2008 found that dating and sexual content is quite common and is partly consistent with cultural notions of gender-differentiated sexual activity. We found that references to romantic relationships appear in the vast majority of songs, and the word "love" appears in slightly more than half of all songs and is most typically used to refer to romantic love (i.e., being in love), while references to intercourse (and other orgasm producing activities) and sexual objectification appeared in a sizable minority of songs. Content varied by performer's sex, decade, and genre, with sexual (vs. dating) content proportionally more common among male performers, in more recent decades, and in the rap genre. However, we note that male performers outnumbered female performers by a substantial margin (2.5:1), so raw counts for males were higher for almost all cells in the analysis, even when inferential tests indicated the content was more common in female performers' lyrics.
Broadly speaking, gender differences in our results suggest the portrayal of dating and sexuality in popular music lyrics is quite similar to the portrayal in other media formats (Clawson 2005; Herd 2015; Kunkel et al. 2005; Taylor 2005; Ward
1995) and consistent with cultural expectations and stereotypes (Arnett 2002; Smiler 2013; Tolman 2002). In particular, women were more likely to sing about dating and love, and men were more likely to objectify others, particularly women.
Men were also more likely to sing about sex; this difference did not reach statistical significance but given the substantially greater number of songs by male performers, the raw counts are notably different. Women and men did not systematically vary in how they used the word love or the explicitness of their sexual references.
Raw counts told a story about men that is contrary to cultural stereotypes. Our data showed that men sang about dating in two-thirds of the songs we analyzed and love in half of our sample songs, more than doubling the number of times women addressed these topics. Moreover, male performers referenced dating relationships approximately three times more often than they referenced sex.”

Poggervania avatar

“Why yes, I only listen to the Top 100 Billboard songs. How can you tell?” - OP, probably

In all seriousness OP, broaden your horizons in music. You clearly don’t listen to enough music to know that men also sing about breakups, love, and relationships.


I wrote in my original post that I listen to Trip Hop. Did you not see that?

Poggervania avatar

Okay, but because you might listen to something like Massive Attack or Gorillaz doesn’t automatically mean you have broad taste in music. I could tell you I listen to a lot of shoegaze, but that doesn’t really say “oh, Poggervania must know a ton of music” because I could be only listening to shoegaze like some sort of insane person - and conversely, I could only be listening to My Bloody Valentine or Faunts, meaning that I just dip my toes into the genre with one or two artists.

You say that women should try singing about things other than emotions while acting like dudes can either only sing about them in a silly context or don’t sing about them period, which is not at all the case for either gender if you explored other artists. You might have to check for other genres, sure, but they are there.

Hegar avatar

Pop songs aren't written by the singer and more of the writers are men.

BraveSirZaphod avatar

This really depends on the artist. Most pop artists are heavily involved in the writing process nowadays because people are incredibly valuing authenticity (or at least the appearance of it). Taylor Swift is probably the biggest example here, but we're largely out of the era where pop artists are just given fully finished songs and told to sing them


Try this:

Eivør - Trøllabundin

Also, “females” makes you sound like a Ferengi. It’s okay to say women, even when you’re using it as a sexist overgeneralization.

Deceptichum avatar

Women singers legit sounds like cave people speak as in “grug go hunt”. It’s so grammatically jarring.

Women of London - Normal
Female of London - Ferengi/Incel

Women Journalist- Caveperson
Female Journalist - Normal

Men of London - Normal
Male of London - Weird

Men Journalist- Caveperson
Male Journalist - Normal

Etc. I don’t know where this grammatical shift came from, but its only really popped up in the last 5 or so years and feels chiefly American.

magnetosphere avatar

Okay, “Ferengi/Incel” is funny as shit.


For future reference:

Male/female is chiefly used to refer to biological contexts. “Female spiders in some species tend to devour their male mates” is a perfectly acceptable description.

Men/women is chiefly used to refer to human-centric sociological contexts. “Women in technology roles face hurdles that men in similar roles do not.” is also a perfectly reasonable description.


@SatanicNotMessianic @Deceptichum I think that's somewhat fair, but linguistically "female" is an adjective and "women" is a noun. The noun in that sentence is "singer" and female is a classifying adjective.

The original post IS stupid and has sexist overtones, but I don't think they come from word choice.


I think I’m going to have to disagree on the basis of such usages as “women singers/songwriters.”

The differentiation is socio-linguistic, because “female” is often used in a dehumanizing context in English. Sociology-linguistically, it’s similar to referring to “blacks” as opposed to “black Americans” or “deafs” as opposed to “deaf people.” The problem is specifically substituting a noun that historically been used to dehumanize the people to which it refers, because it is exclusionary of the “default” status (male, white, hearing).

I am on the side of the linguists who take a descriptive rather than a prescriptive approach to the analysis of language, but part of being a descriptivist is recognizing the subtext potentially if subconsciously involved.


@SatanicNotMessianic can't say any of that is wrong or unreasonable, but I still do find the expressed intent of the post more misogynistic than the use of the word female in context.

Deceptichum avatar

And male scientists and women in science or vice versa are also completely valid.

The word female/male has never been reserved only for the realm of biological context.

It’s also always been used to talk about human-centric sociological contexts, such as the examples I've already shown.


Please see my other reply.

Deceptichum avatar

I cant see any other reply? Also this threads no longer showing on the original instance, so I think there’s some desynchronisation going on here. Maybe mods removed it the whole thread.


Christ, I just joined this site and this is the first post I see... 🤦‍♂️


It's good afa being an unpopular opinion

@tournesol@peculiar.florist avatar

@QueenB how the hell would you come to this conclusion ?? This is a troll right ?


I listen to music. That’s how.

I just don’t see many examples like Led Zeppelin - Immigrant Song that are not only sung by a female but also were written by one.

monsterlynn avatar

@QueenB OMFG like almost every Zeppelin song is about fucking or a woman that's done them wrong, driven them to drink etc.

And please don't use "female" to describe women unless you're writing a police report.


Deceptichum avatar

White Rabbit by Jefferson Airplane is a song sung and written by Grace Slick.

The only reason you don’t see many examples is because you don't bloody fucking look. There are millions out there.


So the song Godzilla is from the Spectres album. I barked a laugh when I read that as your first example.

Spectres is a 10 track album. Godzilla and The Golden Age of Leather are arguably the only 2 tracks not about women, love, relationships.

Death Valley Nights
Searchin for Celine
Going Through the Motions
I love the Night
and even Nosferatu

These 6 tracks are blatantly about love and relationships.

R U Ready to Rock is arguable I guess, but the chorus includes a line about looking for a woman to rock with, and finding her by the end of the song.

Celestial the Queen is a grey area. On the surface, it's totally a love song. The Queen is likely a metaphor for fame and fortune though. Either way, it's presented as a love song.

BOC every 4 out of 5 songs about love on this album.

@Varpie@peculiar.florist avatar

@tournesol @QueenB Male artists keep writing about love, and this is disgusting. Ed Sheeran's Shape of You, OneRepublic's Counting Stars, Eminem's Mockingbird (fatherly love), Snoop Dogg's Beautiful, Linkin Park's Numb... All this shit makes me want to puke, where are REAL men?? At least the ladies know how to do it, they should learn from Britney, at least she is Toxic!


We're in unpopular opinions. They've succeeded


That’s truly an unpopular opinion.


It’s a factually incorrect one, so…


Because it's not really an opinion.

It's a weird rant on a weird faulty assumption.


Yeah I had the same feeling about this not being true. But I am not totally sure. On the other hand, OPs post doesn’t really inspire confidence in their knowledge about the facts either.




Visions of Atlantis



And those are just off the top of my head.


Babymetal’s very good. You’d think an idol metal group would never work, they feel like both opposites in their genres, but they work it out very well.


Are the females in those bands writing the songs or are the guys writing the songs?


What a strange and sexist thing to ask lol


Your says nothing about gatekeeping the lyricists, only the lyrics. Does it matter who writes?


My point was about creativity and coming up with ideas for songs. Women seemed geared towards relationships and never want to come up with off the wall wacky nonsense.


This says more about your interpretation of the world than the actual world. Congratulations, you’re incorrect. Now you have the opportunity to fix that.


Yeah my dude QueenB you’re working with a pretty narrow view of women that to me is past bordering on misogyny.


Is this article misogynistic?

Why Women Have Stronger Immune Systems than Men

Pointing out differences between men and women is not sexist or misogynistic.

BolexForSoup avatar

Biological realities =/= women are biologically predisposed to not writing their own music and only writing about relationships when they do. Surely you can see the difference? This is like thinking black people are more likely to commit crimes by virtue of being black.

Deceptichum avatar

My weak immune system naturally inclines me to sing about Godzilla.

I’ll be serious for a minute here though - you are a fucking idiot.


Who’s writing the love songs?


It’s probably a mix but then you have Jewel or Taylor Swift who write their own lyrics.

kellyaster avatar

Jinjer as well.


Oooh yeah that’s the good stuff.


I have heard of them, but never listened to them… Yet.


Everyone that hasn't heard of Jinjer, do yourself a favor. Don't read anything about them and watch their live recording video of Pisces without reading any of the comments. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SQNtGoM3FVU


“Today I killed, he was just a boy 8 before him, I knew them all”

I really love nightwish.


ITT: people getting baited


Step away from the top 40 for a minute.

i'll just leave this here

edit: people in this tread saying PJ Harvey is a bit intense might want to sit this one out.

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