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Holyginz, in Judge Tries to Stop Trump From Hiding His Money

My god. Are we seriously at a point the US government isn’t able to get one washed up old traitorous racist to obey the rules in court? This is just sad. He should have been locked up so long ago it isn’t even funny anymore.


Jail all the poors, the rich run free. So, working as intended.


I thought this was a preemptive step to prevent the shenanigans.

Kerrigor avatar

It's a step to prevent further shenanigans of the same kind that he's already been doing for years


An ex president has faced a corporate death sentence before? I feel like we’re in uncharted waters here. His tricks really don’t seem to hold up in court, other than delay, delay, delay, and that tactic seems to be running out of steam.


An ex president has faced a corporate death sentence before?

An ex president shouldn’t have had a corporation to dissolve in the first place because he should’ve been forced to divest due to the Emoluments Clause.


I’m not sure that’s relevant since we’re talking about laws he’s broke, not laws we wish were in place. As far as I know, divestment is not a requirement.

derf82, in Mike Huckabee: if Trump doesn't win, 2024 will be last election "decided by ballots rather than bullets" | Boing Boing

“If conservatives become convinced that they cannot win democratically, they will not abandon conservatism, they will abandon democracy.” - David Frum

We are here, folks. They are planning civil war if they don’t win an election already rigged in their favor.


That’s been clear for a while IMHO. They are just starting to say it louder for the benefit of the dumber counterparts among them (aka the greater majority of trumps non 1% base).

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They can try. Were it to come to that, they are badly outgunned and outnumbered.


They seem to think they’re the only ones with guns or are the only ones who know how to use them.

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The ones I know on the left that have em don’t talk about them much (or act psycho or make it their identity or whatever else).

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I believe them. I don't think anyone here shouting "bring it" is actually ready to fight a war.


Probably not, but neither are the right either lol


Also they seem to have a fundamental misunderstanding of how wars are fought and won. It almost never comes down to bullets. It comes down to communication, supply lines, tactics, and information. 1000 bullets aren’t worth jack if you don’t know where their artilary is being launched from.


Only if the police and military don’t side with them… and there is a rage against the machine song that comes to mind about that.


The police are bastards but the military will side with whatever side doesn’t insight violence. That’s not the Republicans.



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There were definitely a lot of military people amongst the Jan 6 insurrection. Plus we have footage of law enforcement letting them in.


Watching “Shiny Happy People” gave me an idea how frighteningly organized conservatives are. Not Trump and his lackeys, but the larger christian right.

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It will shock you when you learn how well funded many are too. People need to stop thinking of insurrectionists as hobbyist hillbillies with shotguns. A lot of them are full on paramilitary groups.


Yeah, I feel like they are better prepared than we give them credit for. The true powers are happy to let the Ya’llqaida run their mouths and wander around in Walmart camo looking ridiculous, because it makes the rest of us discredit them. But the real threat is very strong, very powerful, and very hidden. I was raised conservative Christian. I was raised under a lot of the same beliefs as the fucking cult in Shiny Happy People. I went to camp at one of the universities that they are apparently organizing conservative youth to go into politics with the purpose of taking over. I didn’t know about any of it, I’d never heard the name of that cult before or that any of it was happening, that’s how well it is hidden. I think that they are so good at sliding under the surface that you can be so close to it and never know it’s there meanwhile they are paying off people and getting policies made and controlling the world however they see fit. Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain.


That’s who they call the silent majority


We are here, folks. They are planning civil war if they don’t win an election already rigged in their favor.

Fuck 'em.


You said it so well. No sarcasm


Gerrymandering and first past the post voting systems are all that’s left keeping the Republican party alive. If we can tackle those two, the Senate and lifetime appointments to the Supreme Court are next. After that maybe we actually get universal healthcare.


Civil war, smedley butler, we come here about every hundred years or so.

Ghostalmedia, in Johnson: We're Not A Democracy, We're A "Biblical" Republic And Separation Of Church And State Isn't Real avatar

This “not a democracy, a republic” crap is becoming more and more popular on the right. They’re not even trying to hide the authoritarianism and fascism any more. They’re now openly saying they don’t support democracy.


It’s literally “democracy = Democrats” and “a republic = republican” to them, simple as.

The Democrats should rename themselves the “Freedom Liberty” party just to fuck with em. Take back some of their words.

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This is great, call it the Patriot Party or something and talk about how government waste has turned "Citizens On Patrol" into a bunch of lazy, freedom-suppressing, union members.


We already have the Libertarian party, which is the actual Freedom Liberty party.


Libertarians are just republicans who do drugs and are too embarrassed to call themselves republicans.


Nah nah bud that’s the dumb toddler daydream party.


Libertarians are more interested in simping for our corporate overlords and removing the age of consent.


Nope that’s just the common Redditor’s prejudice against the party based on what they read on Reddit.

I encourage you to read the actual party platform, which has none of what you described in it.

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Some of us have had actual conversations with "Libertarians" and found them to be pretty much in-line with the comment. Not all of us spent our lives on a website.

It's always deregulate-fuck-you-i-got-mine sociopaths. Libertarians are about as realistic and level-headed as Anarchists. It's great on paper or for a small group but once millions of people are involved the bad actors show up and ruin it for everyone.


Again, I refer you to the party platform. That is the only definitive thing that Libertarians as a party stand for.

Your hearsay is irrelevant to that fact.


A republic is a type of democracy. This guy is an idiot. 


I just looked it up and did not find a concise definition. According to the German bpb even dictatorships can be republics.…/republik/

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Not necessarily, North Korea is technically a republic.


It’s not just a Republic its a people’s Republic.

So you know like way better. That’s why they don’t need elections it already says it belongs to the people

OurToothbrush, (edited )

They literally hold elections following a concensus process.

Well cited effortpost on hexbear about the dprk:



OurToothbrush, (edited )

Sorry you prefer to choose between bad and worse every election over reaching concensus in a constituent meeting and then voting to confirm the candidate in an election, but that doesn’t make the dprk’s system less democratic


That’s a hell of a rant for an obvious joke comment


“Sigh” isnt a joke comment, it is a redditism


Lol how old are you? That was a thing before reddit even existed. Just goes to show the tankies on here are literally kids larping

OurToothbrush, (edited )

Yes, but it is also a thing I only see reddit refugees doing.

Just goes to show the tankies on here are literally kids larping

I’ve literally been politically engaged as part of a socialist org for a decade, maybe it is you larping?

You know, with the tankie thing. You’re doing an excellent McCarthy impression, but I dont think you’re actually on the un-American activities committee.

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So tell me are you still certain IDF did the bombing? How much more evidence before you have your schizophrenic breakdown?


One of your last posts is about looking for a wife in a mental health ward, which is incredibly creepy, especially given you keep accusing me of having schizophrenia.

OniiFam, avatar

Don’t flatter yourself lol. Cope harder please tankie.


Yes, it would be super flattering for some asshole harassing me to keep calling me seriously mentally ill while posting about how they want to prey on women having mental health crisises to the point that they’re committed.

Consider showing the women in your life that linked post and seeing what their reaction would be, you misogynistic creep.

OniiFam, avatar

OniiFam, avatar

Yup you definitely sound like a very stable person. Especially when you freak out about a 196 post lmao.

Oh and that post? I have sent that meme to friends already including some who are women. You really are exposing yourself quite a bit here. Tell ya what, I’ll send that post again to my gal friends if you make friends lol.


My initial coment was


Is the joke that westerners don’t understand how dprk nominations and elections work?


Fucking tankie scum

OurToothbrush, (edited )

Racist “believe anything the US says about a state enemy they’ve previously committed genocide on” bootlicker


Two words: Tienanmen square. If you have anything that resembles a defense of that you’re a POS. And you do.

OurToothbrush, (edited )

The holocaust

The Bengal famine

The potato famine



The Vietnam war

The slave trade

Immigrant concentration camps


If you have anything that resembles a defense of that you’re a POS

Imagine thinking the June 4th incident -where around 300 people died, slightly less than half of those people being unarmed PLA soldiers- can be used to condemn a system as large as China while every capitalist country has done much, much worse.

Hell, say the cultural revolution, say the post-civil-war famine, the way the cpc handled them can reasonably be criticized, and they are, by the current cpc.


What a piece of fucking shit


Yeah you’re right, we’ve got to destabilize a country of 1.4 billion people over 300 deaths more than thirty years ago

Thousands of extrajudicial killings by US police every year? What’s that?


The hand job place near me is also technically a foot job place.


No, it’s not. They have a hereditary head of state who enforces his rule with control of the military.


That is why it is technically a republic, but not in practice. The constitution says it is a republic, and they actually have an election for the role of head of state, well “election”, but of course in practice that is not how it works at all.

The US is also technically a representative democracy, but in practice, well…


I’m saying it’s just a lying monarchy.

A pile of shit isn’t a rose because you call it a rose. You’re just lying.

RedWizard, avatar

You both are saying the same thing. Wake up.


Your reading comprehension leaves something to be desired. We are in agreement, you are just a moron who can’t read.

Also I am not lying, I am stating facts.


It’s not “technically” a republic because it has a hereditary ruling line. Period.

You weirdly angry goon.

OurToothbrush, (edited )

Who was the third head of state again? (Hint, it isnt Kim Jung Un)

Well cited effortpost on hexbear about the dprk:

joseangel, avatar

Now I see what they got defederilized from Lemmy, so much blatant malinformation.


They literally are federated with the main lemmy instance.


No, republic just means that the role of head of state isn’t hereditary. Lots of dictatorships are republics, some democracies are as well. The actual political system of the USA is representative democracy (in theory at least).

The fact that these terms are so muddled in the minds of the average American is completely deliberate, because it makes it so much easier for them to subvert US democracy when people have been told that the US is not one.


There are a couple definitions. One I’ve heard most is a republic has a citizen as head of state, which disqualifies both monarchies and military dictatorships. Another is that the head of state is elected or nominated, which disqualifies non-representative systems entirely.


republic /rɪˈpʌblɪk/ nouna state in which supreme power is held by the people and their elected representatives, and which has an elected or nominated president rather than a monarch.

from one of those Oxford ones


Yeah, they really should pop open one of those dictionaries – if they know what those are – and look at the definition of republic.


Well, we’re both. But if you had to pick just one, Republic is probably more informative than Democracy since citizens rarely actually vote for laws and usually just vote for representatives. The correct term is a combination of the two: democratic republic. Wikipedia uses the term “Federal presidential constitutional republic,” which I think conveys it pretty well, though I’d prefer the term “democratic” somewhere in that word salad.

Ghostalmedia, avatar

The main point is that GOP is starting to use this as justification to prevent people from electing their representatives.


Sure, the GOP absolutely twists definitions to suit their goals. You can see something similar with Democrats calling Republicans “fascists,” so the problem is political theater.

That’s a separate discussion from educating people on what the terms actually mean. We should be fighting misinformation on all fronts.

Ghostalmedia, avatar

When most of a party is literally pushing to overthrow the popular vote and instate an unelected autocrat, it’s ok to call it fascist.


Maybe, but it’s applied so liberally (ha!) that it starts to lose its meaning. I worry that a significant portion of the population doesn’t actually know what fascism means, so it’s starting to lose its impact.

Ghostalmedia, avatar

What else would you call it?

This isn’t a teenager calling dad a fascist for grounding them, the GOP is literally taking pages out of the historical fascism playbook.


Some grade 9 ass shit. A republic IS a democratic structure of government. It’s representative democracy.


I think what they’re getting at is that majority does not neccesarily rule in the US. You can have an election where a majority of voters go one way but the electoral college (your representation) goes another.

Idk why they want to harp on that right now but whatever.

magnetosphere, in Florida Agrees To Settle Suit For Hiding COVID Data - Joe.My.God.
magnetosphere avatar

“The Department lied about the existence of these public records in court…”

To me, this is a tremendous issue. This is perjury. Government agencies showing disrespect for court oaths is wholly unacceptable. Perjury at this level justifies prison time.


Not to mention: they targeted a state health official and her family with a SWAT raid because she was making DeSantis look bad by calling out the falsification.

THAT is the authoritarianism that everyone is warning against. It’s not coming. It’s already here, and it has been for years.

snooggums, in Tennessee Senate passes bill banning chemtrails avatar

The Summary reads as something that bans cloud seeding, which is a real thing, and not the same thing as chemtrails which is a made up conspiracy theory about intentionally spreading toxic chemicals.

delirious_owl, avatar

Yeah, I mean they have a right to ban cloud seeding I guess

themeatbridge, in The Washington Post is very worried that American women don't want to marry Trump supporters

As a man, I feel like my perspective hasn’t been fully represented in this editorial. I’d like it to be noted for posterity that men don’t want to marry Trump supporters, either.

DevCat, avatar

It’s worse than that. I’m bi, and I won’t have anything to do with male or female trump supporters.

I don’t know if it’s just me, but I seem to have noticed a rise in interest in poly arrangements lately. I wonder if there’s any kind of connection there.


I’m down for almost anything with almost anyone…just not fascism or fascists. I’m weird like that I guess.


Probably not, my polycule doesn’t allow trump supporters. Though it once had a guy who listened to Jordan Peterson until it became clear it wasn’t a phase he could be talked out of


I want to say that there was a study that was done that said something along the lines of a correlation between cost of living and polyamory. Since more money is required to own a house, etc. that poly relations are a natural byproduct of it.

Don’t know how true that is or even if I’m remembering properly.


Idk about that article but I do remember an article about the hidden cost of polyamory. Specifically you find yourself going out to nice things more often in the process of prioritizing multiple relationships and that adds up.


I think we can simply conclude that, regardless of gender or sexual attraction, as more and more people are able to openly love whoever they choose, fewer people are choosing to love bigots.


Yeah, I feel like the stereotypical portrayal of marriage in the 50s through, say, the 80s was not particularly positive. Many people I know would rather be single than be in an awful marriage, myself included. I found a good one but if anything happened to him, at this point I doubt I’d even try dating at all.

CleoTheWizard, avatar

I think a lot of this has to do with the fact that people are work. So we sit here working 50-60 hour work weeks with one week of PTO and barely enough money to pay for groceries and rent and guess what happens? People get depressed. Discouraged. Exhausted. Sick. Poor. Whatever. The absolute last thing I want to do is have someone tell me about my star sign on tinder and then get stuck in a relationship.

And as a young person, I feel like the older generation doesn’t get it at all. They didn’t have to meticulously plan their future. They could accidentally have a kid at 18 and still buy a house at 23. They aren’t emotionally compatible with their partners most of the time. They just did what was expected of them pretty much.


Prob due to rising costs of rents.

Necessity is the mother(s) of invention


Bi, poly, married. 0 tolerance. If you're needing this much trust, then there is no way I could be with someone who doesn't trust reality. I don't have time, the mental capacity, or desire to be with someone who probably should be in a special needs group.

The amount of hand holding and coddling these people need to not throw a fit is crazy. You won't even get the crazy sex you'd expect from someone that deranged. 2 pumps and they're going to think they're champions. No after care, nothing but doggy, they won't even do the dishes.

They're nothing but dead weight in a relationship. A family is a multiple person event. You expect someone who can't see past their nose to be good in that environment?

Your best case scenario with dating conservatives is basically with the rapist Brock Turner. He's at least rich you can mooch off of before...the obvious happens.


I think more people are realizing that social norms are loosening and that being restricted by a gender is no longer the norm. I thought I had to be a straight woman. Now I realize I can be what I feel like. If I weren’t in a monogamous hetero relationship I’d be comfortable in a poly relationship IF those involved were the kind of people I could be comfortable around. I only had that happen once and I live with that person. But yeah, it’s nice to know there’s morning unnatural about wanting to have a cuddle session with a man and a woman and we are all best friends and comfortable enough to have some fun.

FlashMobOfOne, avatar


fubo, (edited ) in Another Bizarre Opening "Prayer" at IA Trump Rally

Read the goddamn Book of Revelation, you fake fucking Christians.

You’re not the remnant; you’re the shit end of the church, seduced by the Antichrist and the Whore of Babylon. You sold out to the golden idol whose foul mouth boasts of greatness, and who is drunk on the blood of the saints.

The Bible that your idol waves while blaspheming, tells you that you’re headed for the lake of fire and the outer darkness, where there is weeping and gnashing of teeth. Repent, for the Kingdom of God is at hand! Repent, you motherfuckers!

If Jesus came back, you’d call him a communist for ministering to the poor.

Hell, if Jesus came back, you’d banish him for having a Mexican name.

You choose not to be part of the body of Christ. You don’t practice the corporal works of mercy upon your neighbor: You don’t feed the hungry, clothe the naked, shelter the homeless, visit the sick, ransom the imprisoned. Instead of committing your wealth to help the poor, as Christ carefully instructed you to do, you commit your wealth to driving the poor from your cities.

You choose to place yourself outside Christ’s love, because Christ’s love is extended to the poor, and ewww, the poor are icky. And so you know only the Devil’s punishment; and you lash it around yourself like a scourge at your imagined foes, scarring only yourself.

You have been taught what is good; and you willingly choose evil. You sign up for evil, placing your name on the rolls of those in servitude to the damned. You like and subscribe to the Antichrist. You willingly receive the mark of the Beast, upon your hand and your head; you upvote, retweet, and forward that damnation to one another. You wave it like a flag; you scar your own nation’s flag with lies and hatred.

You dishonor your ancestors, who fought Nazis, slavers, pirates, and robber barons. You admire what is despicable, and you despise what is admirable. You sell your daughters to be paraded for the Beast’s delectation, and your sons to “lift the luggage” of his lackeys. There is nothing holy in your temples. There is only your fake god’s foul jizz, stinking of hamberders. You reject love and embrace rapists.

Repent, you motherfuckers.

I went to the rock to hide my face / But the rock cried out, no hiding place.

PupBiru avatar

there’s a lot to unpack here but i’d really like to focus on just 1 part for a moment:

There is only your fake god’s foul jizz, stinking of hamberders



Cylusthevirus avatar

I never thought they'd be so literal about it.


The greatest trick the devil ever pulled was “Only I can make you great.”

HopeOfTheGunblade avatar

I particularly appreciate "lift the luggage," really glad people still remember that.

themeatbridge, in Baby boomers are becoming homeless at a rate ‘not seen since the Great Depression’

On an unrelated note, suddenly, boomers care about affordable housing for no apparent reason.


Suddenly boomers believe in a massive increase to social security taxes to pay for them.

I look forward to watching them die off.


That’s a hell of a lot of hate to admit to online.


These people haven’t just hated me my entire life for being an atheist, pro LGBT, non racist, but they’ve actively done everything possible to destroy the world for everyone in it. Zero sympathy from me.

brawleryukon, avatar

I’m not saying dude’s right (not saying he’s wrong, either, mind), but Boomers have been trying to choke out everyone outside of their cohort (and a significant chunk of those in their cohort, for that matter) for decades. The sooner they’re out of the way, the sooner the rest of us can start picking up the pieces they’ve left us.


I still everyone thinks that boomer`s houses magically built themself and cost nothing. No interest was payed for the loan and the time there where built money rained from the sky.


Money does rain from the sky if you properly tax the rich.

Sabata11792 avatar

Why would the rich do that to themselves?


They won’t, which is why we need to free them from their burden and do it for them.

Jaysyn avatar

Nice strawman argument, clown shoes.


Okay boomer


People also fail to factor in the difference in ameneties between boomers’ 2 bedroom, single floor, no-garage house vs what people demand today


I’m actively searching for a house to buy - smaller than the one that what I grew up in - and while you’re right about people wanting more space, it does not matter. Homes are disproportionally more expensive than they were in the 80s


The house I grew up in is now worth 1.4 million dollars.


I was going to include house much they sold it for a few years ago but I didn’t think it was a fair comparison because they added a second floor


It’s the thing I use to hammer home the idea that our lives are dramatically worse than our parents. I could not dream of paying that mortgage but my mom could pay it as a single mother of two because they bought it in the 80s for 300k and engineer salaries allowed them to pay it.

agent_flounder, avatar

Is it demand or is it a question of builders wanting to maximize profits by building larger homes vs small starter homes?…/what-is-a-starter-home

Data from the Census Bureau shows that 40% of homes constructed in 1980 were considered entry-level homes. In 2019, only 7% of homes were entry-level, according to a 2021 report from Freddie Mac, and almost every state is building fewer starter homes.

“Because of the cost of labor and supplies, builders are mainly focused on building more expensive homes, since it no longer makes sense for them to build more affordable homes,” Carlton says.


Tell me more about how you want every to know that you know nothing about the changes to monetary policy, socio-economic issues, or regulatory change that has happened since the mid-70’s.

elouboub avatar

Obvious troll is obvious

doublejay1999, avatar

You didn’t hear ? Things are only hard now.


If you think that, I know you’re unfamiliar with the economy and real estate.

They bought them, yes. In fact, they had higher interest rates! My dad’s first mortgage in the 80s was at 17%…but the loan was less than 2 years of his salary which made his payments pretty easy. Now I’m expecting to have to pay 5-6x my salary for a similar home.

And to get ahead of some rebuttals: adjusted for inflation, I am making more than he did at the time so it’s not that. And the homes I’m looking at are in less desirable neighborhoods than I grew up in so it’s not that either.

Furthermore, his parents’ generation wasn’t hoarding real estate for Airbnb rentals.

HubertManne avatar

if he bought his first home in the 80's then your dad is a really young boomer to. or waited awhile for some reason. anyway there is a different with each generation over the 20 year span. not that it makes much of a difference when things are great. just older boomers had it a bit better even. The basic pattern is the younger the worse you have it if you where born in the 70's or later. I really can't fanthom why people are still having kids.

doublejay1999, avatar

Hey wasn’t Airbnb started by millennials?


Hey wasn’t Ford started by Henry Ford? It’s an equally relevant question.

Are you a boomer going for some sort of gotcha here or something? Karl Marx could have started Airbnb and it wouldn’t change the situation we’re in now so…what does it matter?

doublejay1999, avatar

The point obviously is that the relentless attacks on “boomers” conveniently and consistently leaves out that Gen X and Millennials are the landlording generations, who have grown up with cheap money.

Buy to let didn’t really take off until interests rates fell in the late 90s

But this doesnt fit the narrative, and would leave you looking like fools tricked into fighting a generational war, instead of the criticising government policy like the savvy individuals I’m sure you all are. 👍

Deceptichum avatar

Millennials barely own homes, we have much lower home ownership rates and that’s only dropping more with each subsequent generation.


But you’re the one inserting a generational war here, not me.

I was explaining the difference between buying a home in the 80s and buying one now and why boomers DID have it easier in that regard because you made a dumb joke about young people thinking boomers got free houses. Then in response you pulled out some unrelated millennial bullshit…? I didn’t even say BOOMERS held the rentals…I said prior generations weren’t hoarding real estate.

Neither of your replies have addressed the comments you replied to. You just kinda made up an enemy to argue with.

doublejay1999, avatar

I didn’t make any jokes about free houses.

Read better, fool.

agent_flounder, avatar

Who cares? It could’ve been started by anyone but the point remains: airbnb has had a negative influence on housing affordability.


Also, there has been a drop in new housing construction since 2008.

There was a massive multigenerational push to build new housing, with government agencies either facilitating new construction with infrastructure or helping to fund its construction.

CharlesReed avatar

Do you mean new housing as in individual stand alone houses, or does that also include multi unit apartment buildings?
I only ask because in the old area I used to live in it seemed like they were building new apartments left and right. Meanwhile as far as houses go I would be inclined to agree, as I haven't really noticed any new construction going on. But that's just in the area I live now. It'd be interesting to see nationwide numbers.


Any new housing unit. There has been an increase in multifamily housing, but nowhere near enough to cover for the total drop.

CharlesReed avatar

Ah, I gotcha. Thanks for the answer!

agent_flounder, avatar

Nobody with a brain believes that straw man.

The topic is complex and nuanced but it isn’t hard to see that, say, single family homes are harder to afford now versus in the past by several measures.

Here are some examples articles……/housing-prices-vs-inflation…

Though the title of the following sounds like it disproves me until you get to the part about wages not keeping up.

Now compare the rise in the median price of a home to the median income of Americans.

if you adjust for inflation, the median income of Americans has only increased by 33%. The median housing prices, however, have increased by 60%. It’s even worse when you look at the income of younger adults. For instance, the median income of people between 25 and 34 only increased by $30 in 44 years (1974 to 2017). It’s no wonder homeownership rates among Millennials are lower than for previous generations.

Particularly in the last few years things have gotten worse.…/index.html

StarServal avatar

For them. Everyone else needs to use their bootstraps.




Ageist comments are weirdly popular on lemmy. Why is ageism encouraged when sexism and racism are not?

PP_BOY_, (edited ) avatar

Because old people are insufferable and leech off of society while continually making things worse, even well past their expiration date.


Noticed this myself, come here less and less since it’s just as toxic as reddit ever was. Think I might be done with it since it’s just ragebait crap.


Disclaimer: These are obviously over generalizations and don’t match all individuals.

Because it’s not the age people are against, it’s the generation. The boomer generation had some of the most prosperous years in American history and wasted them. The general idea is you’re supposed to make the world a better place for the people that come next, and they did the opposite. They cut social systems, defunded education, let public transportation die, outsourced everything, and lined their pockets with investments in oil that are killing the planet.

I won’t blame someone for being old, but I will judge them by what they did and supported during their life. And as a whole, the boomers have a lot to answer for.


There is a huge subset of boomers that fought and voted for the betterment of society that were completely fucked by the system. Maybe a LITTLE bit of consolation and empathy for them?


Huge? Not greater than 50% then.


It’s clearly not all boomers we get it.

rockSlayer, in Proud Boy On House Arrest Disappears Before Jan. 6 Sentencing

Damn, it’s almost like handling seditionists with kid gloves was a bad idea


I mean, it got the intended results.


No it didn’t.

The intended results are to show others what happens when you commit sedition against the US. Republicans making thier own disappear to avoid sentencing is not the intended result.


The intended results are to show others what happens when you commit sedition against the US.

Yup, house arrest and then we lose you. Oops.

Republicans making thier own disappear to avoid sentencing is not the intended result.

I’m not giving the legal system that much benefit of the doubt.


This conspiracy theory doesn’t make much sense to me. If they wanted to they could have just gave him probation and sent him on his way, right? Why go through this convoluted path of charging him and convicting him, and let him go?

Am I misunderstanding you? It feels like I’m misunderstanding you.


I think the disappearing part wasn’t a part of the plan but I could see them putting the dude on house arrest and no one followed up. That way, he was arrested and everyone thought it was handled but in reality, the dude gets off light. I’m pretty sure the people who agreed to all this didn’t want any of this to get out by him escaping.


… but he still has a sentencing hearing. It’s right in the title. This conspiracy theory doesn’t hold up at all.


See Epstein and how his whole sentencing and what that looked like in practice.

Jaysyn, in US publisher of pro-fascist books revealed as military veteran
Jaysyn avatar

Support of fascism is a violation of the Oath of Enlistment; you cannot support fascism & uphold the Constitution at the same time.

Fascist veterans should be rooted out, recalled to active duty & court-martialed. Full stop.


Put in a dark cell for rest of their fucking lives.

InvertedParallax, in Climate Is Now a US Culture War Issue

Now? Now?

I grew up with evangelicals who were enraged at the blasphemous insult that God did not control the Earth absolutely, and therefore the earth couldn’t be getting hotter unless God decided it was time for judgement day, in which case, celebrate, because those jews are finally getting what’s coming to them.

This sounds like mental illness to normal people…

queermunist, avatar

I grew up with evangelicals who believed it was blasphemous to say the icecaps are melting because God promised to never flood the Earth again lol


good looks at current state of humanity “Well, looks like I changed my mind”


But it was a pinky swear!!! /s


Yeah, what’s this “now” bullshit?


Did you ever ask them about nuclear bombs and we could wipe out all life except cockroaches several times over and make the earth uninhabitable for 10000 years or did this not count?


America is God’s vessel.

Seriously, that’s what “Under God” meant to them.

PanArab, avatar

That’s their entire Middle East policy, fulfilling the end times prophecies


If Jesus came back without all the jews penned in Israel so he could nuke them all at once, how can Christianity live with itself?


Yeah, "under god" was not added to currency or the pledge until 1954, in response to the civil rights movement of the era. The founding fathers would have be rolling in their grave if they could.


“Have faith. God is perfectly capable of turning the Russian missiles right around and sending them back to Moscow.” — fundie uncle


I came here to comment this. It’s always been a culture war, beyond religious views, it’s never been popular with the majority to say that our largest industries and companies are willfully ignoring and hiding the truth about what is in humanity’s best interests in order to achieve growth.


I don’t get this line of reason I ng, cause wasn’t earth given to the humans by God to be the caretakers of the planet? If so, were doing a pretty shitty job of it.


Exactly. And you don’t need to go that far into the Bible to see that, just look at Genesis 2:15, 19-20:

15 And the Lord God took the man, and put him into the garden of Eden to dress it and to keep it.

19 And out of the ground the Lord God formed every beast of the field, and every fowl of the air; and brought them unto Adam to see what he would call them: and whatsoever Adam called every living creature, that was the name thereof.

20 And Adam gave names to all cattle, and to the fowl of the air, and to every beast of the field

That sounds to me like God is handing things over to Adam, and by extension people.

And then you have the parables of the talents (Matthew 25:14-30) and the vineyard owner (Matthew 21:33-46) in the New Testament (among others) that are all about stewardship.

So my question for people who use this argument is, would God be happy if He came to visit today? How would He feel about how we’ve treated the Earth He made?

This goes for any religion with a creation story.


Evangelicals rewrite the Bible in places where convenient.

God didn’t give the earth to humans for caretaking, he gave it to us, and no man can undo what God hath wrought, so even if it is ruined somehow, God will rapture the faithful to a new realm leaving the damned to burn on earth for eternity as the new purgatory/hell.

Its muddled, but the point is it means evangelicals win no matter what, so don’t worry about it.


I’m pretty sure it is mental illness…


We’re not allowed to say that, or they might lose control and get violent because you incited them.

TheRealCharlesEames, in Walgreens pharmacist cites religion in denying meds to trans man

Join me in boycotting Walgreens


have been for years

nothing of value was lost


Walgreens bought out my small local friendly pharmacy and immediately closed it without telling any customers or staff ahead of time, meaning I had to scramble to get important medication... Oh, and Walgreens didn't tell any customers about this, the staff spent a full day (including after hours) calling people and making sure they got their meds. Apparently this is a common tactic of theirs. Walgreens is a vile company.

fstrelok, avatar

They deployed this exact tactic in my small town. Fuckers.


My wife and I have already moved our prescriptions away from Walgreens and we never set foot in their stores over their repeated history of bullshit like this. I highly recommend everyone do the same because this is far from an isolated incident.

mem_somerville_kbin, in Walgreens pharmacist cites religion in denying meds to trans man
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Do your fucking job, pharmacist. Or GTFO.

athos77, in New Indiana law requires professors to promote 'intellectual diversity' to keep tenure

higher education hasn’t done a great job of making every viewpoint feel welcome

That's fine, there are plenty of viewpoints that shouldn't be welcome in college - I can't flat earthers or 6000-year-history people passing geology, for example. The problem is that they have an entire generation of right-wing homeschooled kids who are being confronted by the unpleasant reality that their parents lied to them and did a shit job preparing them for the real world, and the parents are desperate for their charade (and their relationships with the kids they lied to) to continue for a few more years.

Hobbes_Dent, in Tennessee Senate passes bill banning chemtrails

“The intentional injection, release, or dispersion, by any means, of chemicals, chemical compounds, substances, or apparatus within the borders of this state into the atmosphere with the express purpose of affecting temperature, weather, or the intensity of the sunlight is prohibited,” the bill reads.

Gonna look dumb later when they need cloud seeding for a drop of rain.

Or when somebody applies the law to CO2 or methane and finds an express purpose.

Or if we come up with a remotely feasible sunlight solution for warming. But I think that’s their point isn’t it.


Anyone rolling coal with one of these (or similar) bumper stickers directly violates this law.

delirious_owl, avatar

Rolling coal is already illegal tho