Sen. Tuberville drops his monthslong hold on military promotions

Sen. Tommy Tuberville, R-Ala., says he will drop his hold on most military promotions. He has been blocking military promotions for months over his objections to an unrelated Pentagon policy that pays for service members’ travel to seek abortion care.

Tuberville told reporters in the Capitol on Tuesday that he will drop the hold on all promotions except those for four-star generals. Tuberville has been blocking promotions since February, creating a backlog that has grown to more than 450.

"We didnt get the win that we wanted, Tuberville told reporters in the Capitol on Tuesday. “We still have a bad policy, We tried to stand up for the taxpayers of this country.”

Fellow Republicans criticized his blockade, saying it damaged military readiness. Politics

Defense Department Spokesperson Brigadier General Pat Ryder told reporters on Tuesday afternoon that Tuberville’s continued hold would impact about 11 officers who are up for promotion to the level of a Four Star general.



Love how he tries to make it bigger then just him being an asshole.


ITT Liberals upset that there exists representatives who are willing to fight for what they want. Could you imagine if the democrats did something like that for healthcare, or UBI, or literally anything that would improve material conditions?


Temper tantrum for not getting his way.

charonn0, avatar

Did Putin’s check bounce?



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  • TheBest,

    Exactly how I interpreted it.

    WashedOver, avatar

    He’s still a POS


    It’s a Christmas Miracle!

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