This is the logical outcome of a certain party both pushing an identity of male-dominance based on toxicly masculine characteristics, and who also cozies up to White Supremacist orgs like the Proud Boys.

The GOP is and has always been a fertile recruiting ground for white supremacist and neo-Nazi groups, and the “manosphere” has accelerated the spread of their core rhetoric (which includes Holocaust denialism) geometrically.

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Wish they linked to the poll they mention—can’t seem to find it on yougov.


Funny, just did the same thing. Crazy they are claiming this without giving the numbers.

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The claimed figures are arguably too clean. Wouldn't be surprising if it was a bad/fake poll. If 1/5 of young people were really Holocaust deniers, we'd absolutely hear about those types of people all the time.


I’m gonna hope this is one of those bad polls with bad results


I doubt it. Probably has to do with incomplete/bad education. I imagine we would average similarly badly when asked about other WWII era trivia.

Here’s an article on Holocaust knowledge across the US from 2020: https://www.pewresearch.org/religion/2020/01/22/what-americans-know-about-the-holocaust/

I was educated in the US public school system in the mid 2010s and I felt like history class was 1/4 American slavery, 1/4 trail of tears, 1/4 revolutionary war, and 1/4 holocaust across middle and high school. Apparently that’s not normal, or the other kids weren’t absorbing anything.

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The other kids had parents dropping poison in their ears


also one is in 5 actually listened in grade school and learned something.

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They don’t seem to teach it in school in a lot of places.

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One in five young Americans are fucking stupid or horribly misinformed.


I once witnessed a German person explaining the holocaust to an Israeli person. The world is collectively getting more stupid.

Edit: maybe it isn’t, but social media is definitely helping us reach our stupidity potential.


The world is not getting more stupid, cross-generational memory has always been flawed. If we want to give new generations the tools to build a better future, we either need to teach them to learn from our collective experience (history) or to think of consequences ahead of time (futurology and ethics). Otherwise they are doomed to repeat the same mistakes.

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GOP: mwahahaha… excellent!

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