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How do we feel about numbers or text on flags? In my opinion it gets a bad rap because a lot of people never think about it any deeper than the basic principles of vexillology, and yet even most people who are otherwise anti-text agree that Colorado's flag is among the best of the best.

I once came up with five basic questions to ask oneself before putting text on a flag. Here's how Colorado's flag holds up to these standards:

  1. Is the text symbolic? The "C" is a "conduit" of sorts for the color symbolism of the red and yellow, so yes.
  2. Can the symbolism be conveyed better through other means? I would argue that the "C" makes the flag more distinctive and memorable.
  3. Does the text need to be legible for the flag to be recognizable? The Colorado flag remains recognizable at rest.
  4. If necessary, is the text legible in various conditions? The "C" is recognizable at a distance, in reverse, and when displayed vertically.
  5. Is the text stylish? In my own opinion: yes, definitely, absolutely.
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