I'll never understand how people find value in and spend time consuming this kind of commentary.

Emperor, avatar

It’s an important topic but she is just using it as a stick to beat feminists and offers no solutions. The last thing that’s needed is people using the issue for their own political ends.


I thought the solution is pretty clear. Stop being assholes to men.

Emperor, avatar

That doesn’t really address the underlying issues.

hal_5700X, avatar

You’re right, but it helps.

Fizz, avatar

Men are disposable and I don’t think that’s ever going to change. The best think to do is aquire useful skills and use that to live a happy life.

hal_5700X, avatar

Women are disposable too. But people try to help them. So why not help guys too.


Who kniws? But historically, shit sucks for men.

aebrer avatar

Bro yeah that's true but like women couldn't even vote till recently damn


And therein lies the problem. Every time men’s issues come up, someone says “What about women?”




This is why I don't tell my mom my problems.

She'll just casually bring up her problems and now I have to make her feel better about it.


No, you did not bring up a “mens issue”.

You said “historically, shit sucks for men.” That’s such a broad statement that it’s nearly meaningless.

Saying that men could at least vote, historically, is a concrete example where your statement doesn’t apply. Do you have any concrete examples to serve as a counterpoint? I know those examples exist, but you just gave up on the conversation.


Men are drafted for wars, thats the first example that comes to mind.

Men have the dangerous jobs, miners, lumberjacks, construction workers, etc.

Men have no reproductive rights.

Men are ~3/4s of the homeless.

Men are ~2/3rds of suicides.

Basically its only good if you’re at the top, and most aren’t.

thepixelfox avatar

In terms of the suicide one, men use more lethal methods like guns for example. Whereas women use less lethal means, such as overdose/ cutting their wrists. So men have a higher success rate, but women attempt it more.

Men having no reproductive rights suck, I hate that men have to deal with that issue. It's a seriously unfair thing. Men shouldn't be allowed to tell a woman to get an abortion or to keep a baby, as ultimately it's her body. But in the case of a man not wanting a child but the woman does, they shouldn't be forced to then be stuck paying money. I'm not sure how something like that would work, but it shouldn't be just forced upon the man to pay for something he didn't want.


I’ve never heard of her before. Her content seems odd to me. Like the kind of political YouTuber that doesn’t actually know what they’re talking about.

Before I probably invest way too much time into it, can someone give me a rundown of the kinds of views she espouses? Fairly balanced or leaning really far to one side?

motorheadkusanagi, avatar

In her words:

comedic social commentary from a left wing populist POV. stick around if you like loud screeching and bad memes.


She’s liberal, and doesn’t really say conservative shit, but she calls out her own side sometimes, and that draws in the conservative crowd. Take that as you will.

Also, memes I find funny, but might not be to everyone’s taste.


I used to watch her. She claims left/moderate depending on the day but is about as “moderate” as Tim Poole

hal_5700X, avatar

or you can watch the video and make your own mind up on it.


That video was decent, but not a well-researched take. I didn’t want to invest time into her channel if it was a waste of time. The consensus seems to be what I expected.


Like the kind of political YouTuber that doesn’t actually know what they’re talking about.

That’s pretty accurate. She claims to be left wing, and a fan of Bernie Sanders but she frequently repeats alt-right talking points and conspiracy theories. She does a lot of that thing that a lot of right-wing online personalities do in paying lip service towards being a centrist “I MaKe FuN oF bOtH sIdEs”, but really ending up making the right look far more reasonable than the left the majority of the time. She’s also good friends with the conservative pick-me YouTuber Blaire White.

She became popular around the time of gamergate largely (imo) because she says a lot of the things those types like — makes a lot of videos ridiculing feminists etc — and is a somewhat conventionally attractive woman. So gamers^TM can convince themselves they don’t hate all women and all women don’t hate them because here’s one who agrees with them and “she [supposedly] isn’t even right wing”.


This is why I love Lemmy. Never knew this transcript website was a thing!

I have an idea…

@rikudou could your TLDR bot theoretically summarise a video using the auto generated YouTube transcript? More of an experimental thing from my POV… if you try it out on here, please tag me so I can see the outcome 😁

Edit: fix username typo

rikudou, avatar

I could definitely try that, I’m curious myself!


I found it from lemmy too.


Fairly balanced. She makes fun of both extremes and seems to have opinions from both sides, as well as covering topics from them. While she does cover far-left more than far-right, there does not seem to have a problematic bias towards one side.

Of course a lot of leftists call her far-right, but that seems to be painfully common with all centre-leaning political youtubers. Turns out if you are far-left, anything from centre to right will seem far-right to you.

Anyway, if you are interested in her, she is not as serious with most of her content, so you’ll probably stay for the humor, or balanced takes. As most political youtubers of her type, she is perfect to watch in terms of things both sides have completely different opinions on.


Good article on her:

In short, she was a super right wing MAGA chud years before MAGA was a thing (she was one of the full on Gamergaters) and then a couple years ago suddenly claimed she's a progressive leftist and totally reformed. It seemed possibly legitimate for a while there, but she's been slowly backsliding ever since.

Makes it feel that much more like just a grift, ultimately.

MadWorks, avatar

I watch her content and I’d say she’s fairly left leaning, but not far left. She has her own brand of comedy but makes sane arguments.


Are you really asking for a balanced analysis of her views on lemmy? Lol. You might as well ask on Reddit. Nobody is ever left leaning enough for people on either site, so you’re going to see a lot of people calling her alt right, MAGA, whatever.

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