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Welsh clean energy for the National Museum of Wales (

A few years ago, I proposed a local clean energy solution for Cathays Park in Cardiff and its fabulous civic buildings, including the National Museum of Wales. The premise being to invest in onsite energy generation to reduce carbon emissions and air pollution – and lower running costs. The core of the project would be a...

Running out of road - the cultural significance of Craig yr Hesg (

The Craig yr Hesg quarry, situated in the Taff Valley near Pontypridd, is touted by Heidelberg Materials as “a nationally important source of premium quality blue pennant sandstone for road surfacing”. However, this description reflects a narrow, cold, and detached viewpoint....

Cardiff Airport: 70 years as Wales’ national airport (

It’s 70 years this week since Cardiff Airport became the only one to serve the capital city of Wales, eventually becoming Wales’ national airport. In that time Cardiff Airport has connected the capital city and country of Wales with our closest neighbours, sent countless sports fans on their way, and connected Wales to...

Welsh independence - what happens when a state ceases to exist? (

A recent article on the Crown Estate in Wales led me to ponder the question of what happens after a state collapses. Believers in Welsh independence seek the breakup of the UK into three sovereign states: Cymru, England, and Scotland. It seems to be assumed that Northern Ireland would reunite with the Republic of Ireland....

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