memes for the weird girls 💅🏼💅🏿

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i’ve never seen my cat sit on her shelf all sideways like this before, but a neighbor boy cat has been slowly trying to become friends with her, and i am CERTAIN that she’s doing it so he sees her best angle if he walks by

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I feel like I’ve been in meetings that lasted 40 years.

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ARCHIVE COMIC: Self-Improvement

You don’t want to know how bad it gets by September

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So true bestie

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🎧 | Fresh electrofunk from — "Let's Break It Down" ft.

"There Is No Neil Frances" is the title of their 2023 LP; "Neil Francis" are a USAmerican and Australian duo based in LA.

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Your BPM gurl.

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@DemocracySpot Oh cool. Will listen now 🎶 😘

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🎧 | New of "So Hot, So Hard" by . (7/7/2023)

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Interviews with Alison.

How the LP was made at her new home studio during lockdown. Why she did a solo project. Is Goldfrapp still on. How she was *ghosted by proposed collabs and how the ones who said yes paid her proper respect. She co-directed the films with Big Active London. 🔥

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*built her studio during lockdown. Recorded since.

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🎧 | remixed the 1978 disco classic "I Want Your Love" in 2018.

C'est Chic, and funky as you please! 🔥

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does anyone else experience your body temperature controlled through your feet? It is insane. I can be freezing cold and warm my entire human self within 5 minutes by putting on socks. On hot days/nights, I have to take them off and put them back on like 3-4 times 🥸🤔😂🤦‍♀️ It is pretty weird…

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My wife says her body temperature is controlled by her elbows.

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@ematts Whatever works! <shrug/>

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I dunno if it's the weather, the new diet or something something, but I'm feeling really swamped this week

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@thegamerstavern this is truly a masterpiece

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🎧 | "It is impossible to listen to this record and not immediately feel better, your load lifted. Nine minutes of musical sunshine, it should be offered on prescription for those of us who need a little bit of light." Yes.

"Two Months Off" (2002/2021).

The video for this track is 🔥.

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Put Your Hands Up!

Was that "and the colour red?"

I just posted a pic inspired by that track and the clip. I'll tag. x


@DemocracySpot I ❤️ that track.

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🎧 | Listening to "Calling Out" on a loop while I edit pictures.

ft. ( Extended Mix), 2018.

This one bumps, y'all! 🔥


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Put your hands up for Detroit! 😘

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🎧 Morning | 's take on "Poetry Man" from "Trav'lin' Light" on (2007).

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@DemocracySpot Queen Latifah is so good at so many things!

PaperG, German

In Woche 28 schließt sich der der von @norberteder schon am

28/52 Kreis
Dual Tone
I think I never was so early with my contribution to this challenge. This evening, the mood was such mystic. Unrealistic indeed. The sky was brown-greyish all over, sun changing from strong to pastel within minutes. A really soft, touching moment.

:nikon: :darktable:

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