Sometimes I feel lonely and think I should get a girlfriend. But then I get these nuggets of conversation and feel content with my computer again.



Relatable. Wife and I were "talking in code" last night, around the cat, about what we bought her for Christmas. Hadn't even realized we were doing it until this post.

Cap avatar

Maybe "the dog" is what she calls her husband.

RootBeerGuy, avatar



Is he a bounty hunter?

LazaroFilm, avatar

Tbh my dog would totally understand Bone, ball or toy and start wagging her tail looking around for one to bring me and play with.


You mean you don’t buy your dog a nice 2013 Châteauneuf du Pape for christmas ? Are you some sort of philistine?

LazaroFilm, avatar

Only mammoth bones.


My dog took Spanish in high school.


My dog took my slippers :(

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