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nteresting goings on with updating , after the latter team releases two versions in quick succession. I'm guessing this will be an easy fix, but something's puzzling right now.

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Just for grins I got Copilot to script me some PowerShell to count MS-supplied device drivers. The results surprised me: they may surprise you!

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In a DevHome upgrade fails because of an SDK issue. Things get more mysterious but the rides to the rescue.

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@JenMsft oh that’s going to be super helpful! 💪


@JenMsft That sounds amazing.

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A notepad update is rolling out to that adds the ability to automatically save session state!

Details here:

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@JenMsft 👀


The latest version of Notepad now introduces a new automatic saving feature when you close Notepad.


Snipping Tool is also getting updated with a new combined capture bar and the ability to record audio with the screen recording feature!

Snipping Tool capture bar while recording showing the new audio options.


Interesting. Looks like in the Dev and Beta channels can now preview new features in without having to download the separate Edge Insider apps.

From what I can tell, it looks like you'll only be previewing new features and not whole new builds of the browser, but regardless, this is a great addition!

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Shower thought: if Germanium is just the platform name for Windows 11 ver 24H2, and Win12 doubles down even more on being internet-connected/AI-focussed, its codename truly has the potential to live up to the "arse"nic name 🤪


The updated widgets board experience with the option to disable the MSN news feed has finally rolled out to my device! Honestly, I think this is a much nicer experience.


Okay, the new weather card on the lock screen from today's dev build is really neat.

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