Isn’t that a lower rate than cis people?

Like worldwide, even if only 0.1% of people are trans (an intentional underestimate for conservative numbers) that’s a murder rate of 4.3 per 100k people. The worldwide average is 7.5.


I keep saying this: marginalized and discriminated people are the best ones to own firearms.

Don’t trust a society that hates you to protect you.


Then why isn’t America the safest country in the world?

You’re not repeating some deep wisdom to enlighten poor oppressed idiots who just don’t know how cool guns are, you’re repeating marketing slogans for a gun lobby who worked out they can sell hero fantasies to leftists too.


A rise in racism? Transphobia isn’t racism, right? It’s equally as short-sighted and fucking stupid, but it’s not the same.


The article mentions that 80% of those murdered were also affected by racism. In Europe almost half of those murdered were refugees or immigrants.

They're a racial minority or migrant. That increases their risk.

They're trans. That increases their risk even further.

They're also often sex workers. That increases their risk even further.

Basically super vulnerable and marginalised minorities, who often can't turn to the police for help.


And how many cis men were killed in the same period worldwide? Numbers like this are meaningless if not normalized.


This is simply about trans people beong murdered. That is the discussion. Cis is not relevant in this moment. Other times yes, but not now.

Hyperreality, (edited )

Not that it's a competition, but the article mentions this number being far lower than the actual number, so you can't make a fair comparison.

This is basically a case of some countries and places giving enough of a shit about trans people being murdered, to bother recording how prevalent it is for the first time. Plenty of places, given these are often sex workers, they'd just let them rot in a ditch and mark it down as unknown causes when they find the remains.

A lot of male homicide is also gang related. That's different than being murdered by a client or partner, because of your gender identity. A bit like how Jewish people may be less likely to be murdered, but that doesn't mean it's not noteworthy when someone burns down a synagogue and kills Jews because of their ethnicity.


You see this all over the place with how things are culturally counted. Like how driveby shootings are not counted by a lot of US statistical data as mass shooting in the US because they are more interested in the phenomenon of a targeted usual murder suicide of a very specific terrorist style execution… but other countries will record drive bys as notable mass shootings for their data.

A lot of places have law enforcement that are very invested in not participating in things that could harm their reputations so not participating in recording data points that assist in the conclusion that a genocide is occurring makes it easier to sweep issues under the rug.


Perhaps the most egregious example:

The [UK] MOD has been repeatedly challenged over its claim that its bombing campaign in Iraq and Syria (Op SHADER) has killed and injured an estimated 4,315 enemies, but only resulted in one civilian casualty between September 2014 and January 2021.

The US does this too (to a degree), basically assuming anyone in the target zone must be a militant unless proved otherwise. Entirely implausible, but yeah.

jordanlund, avatar

That seems really low to me for a global number, especially given how trans people are criminalized and villified in so many countries.

pbanj, avatar

Ya, my first thought was “wow i thought it would be much higher”. Glad it’s not though.

jordanlund, avatar

That’s what I was thinking… “Man, even for the US that seems low… wait, GLOBALLY?”

Hyperreality, (edited )

Doubt most murders of trans people are registered as such, especially in countries which don't accept that trans people exist. The article implies as much:

The report explained that the majority of murder cases (235 cases) were reported in Latin America and the Caribbean, partly due to the “existence of established monitoring systems in these regions”, while Armenia, Belgium and Slovakia reported trans murders for the first time. ... TGEU explained that the horrific stats are only part of the full picture, with some trans people not identified as trans or gender diverse in reports of their deaths, leaving many potential additional cases unreported.

Honestly wouldn't surprise me. They don't even care enough to record the numbers murdered.

As plenty of these are also sex workers, plenty of places the police gives less than zero shits. Even ordinary sex workers avoid the police like the plague. So much so that people will avoid talking to the police at all or coming forward in even the most serious cases, out of fear of being raped, robbed, deported or worse.

IRC Gary Ridgway, who likely murdered over a hundred women, testified he targeted sex workers because he knew it'd allow him to get away with it. Which he did for two decades. You'll also occasionally hear of cases where seemingly an entire precinct systematically raped sex workers, apparently thinking it was something they were entitled to along with free coffee and donuts.

ada, avatar

The villification is why the reported numbers are so low.

So many of us are robbed of our identity in death.

jordanlund, avatar

That’s a good point, thanks to deadnaming, this number could be VASTLY under-reported.

ada, avatar

And even when they get it right, if they don’t explicitly have something to flag the person as trans, then the data doesn’t get accounted for in crime statistics.

And speaking as a trans person, the last people I want to know that I’m transgender are the police, so even self under-reporting could be a factor


I wish it wasn't true, but I think you're very smart to be cautious of the police.

Stay safe out there.


I wonder how much higher that rate is than the national average when accounting for demographics.


They’re definitely a small part of the population, and rates are always more informative than raw numbers.

That said, we know that people are targetted for violence simply for being trans.


That was my first thought too but the total is globally, so it seems like quite a small number even when considering trans people account for ~1.4% of the world population which would be about 113,036,000 people.

Man that’s fucked up.

“Good news! Proportionally, less trans people were murdered!”


1.4% sounds high.


It’s the higher bound for estimates at a population level. It makes sense to use the upper bound for a comparison like this.


That’s why I said accounting for demographics. There are proportionaly more trans people in richer countries where murders are also lower. But I don’t know how one would do that full demographic comparison.

ada, avatar

There are proportionaly more trans people in richer countries

There are proportionally more openly identified trans people in richer countries


I think more people have the capacity to realize they’re trans in wealthy nations.

Kind of hard to reach self-actualization when your other needs aren’t met.


So if you dig into the actual data, they point out that this is probably far from the actual number of murders, since it is only reported, and not all jurisdictions participate. One concerning thing though that I saw was that 94% of all the reported murders were of trans women.


And almost half were sex workers. I would bet that the real number is much greater, considering the numerous countries that wouldn’t be recording the person as being trans. Due to the stigma associated, I’m guessing that it’s more likely sex workers will be designated as ‘trans’ rather than general population, due to the conservative nature of many countries.


113,036,000 people would be a respectable size for an entire country. That would be an interesting country to live in.


Idk why the downvotes ?

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