Hello pot, meet kettle


You just know Russia’s statement back to the US about this is going to be “no u.”

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The hated this.


Man, atty Garland is looking haggard lately. He always had the white hair but he’s looking pale and just… haggard. Hope he’s OK


"Don't you think he looks tired?


He looks like a man that knows he’s still got a job to do but is so, SO over it.


LOL if only he was in actual politics


He’s got a sick head of hair for a male + of that age. I pray mine is as nice as his when I’m up there

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How much of a worm do you have to be to rape an 83 year old? It’s just puzzling to me

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Worms are fine. Rape is terrible at any age.

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Agreed, but I find it even more inhuman and bizarre when the victim is really old or really young. I know it’s about the power for psychos more than it’s about the looks of the victim but I guess I still have trouble conceptualizing how they can do that to someone so helpless. Not trying to write off any rape though, every single one is a tragedy.

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I still have trouble conceptualizing how they can do that to someone so helpless

The way I see thing, this is a very dangerous way of approaching the matter.
Imagine how a young adult that is a bodybuilder/athlete/etc that has been raped, would feel if they stumbles on something like that.

@NOT_RICK@lemmy.world avatar

Yeah I get what you mean. I’m just going to shut up because you’re right; my ability to conceptualize what would bring someone to do something horrible doesn’t do much but potentially hurt actual victims. Apologies if I’ve hurt anyone with my rambling.

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