And nothing of value was lost.


Moscow has previously blamed Ukrainian secret services for the assassination of Darya Dugina, the daughter of an ultra-nationalist Russian ideologue

Darya was a politicial scientist and activist in her own right. Why do modern western media still fucking insisit on infantilizing women by making them an appendage of the closest important male?

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That’s how popularity works, for both sexes. I don’t know the name of every boyfriend Taylor Swift has had but I damn sure know who the fuck she is. It’s bad faith to claim this is some kind of gendered issue when it isn’t.


Even with all sexism lenses removed, it still looked kinda bad. Dugin is a bigger deal, a person of power and influence. His daughter was a smaller fish. While both civilians, one has the appearance of going after a more major figure influencing the war, the other appears more like generic terrorism on some lower-level activist.

So, admitting it was a mistake and they wanted the bigger target made some sense.

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You answered it in your quote lol

She’s the daughter of someone much more famous than what she was known for. This isn’t a gender/sex issue, we do this all the time when someone is related to a much more influential or well known person.

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Because it seemed Dugin was the target of the operation I believe.

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I believe that is the one that his car was targeted, but she happened to be in it at the time when he was expected to be.


You just love to see it.

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Probably for the best.

Jaysyn, (edited )
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The fact that this scumbag's last Telegram post was an image of a Christmas ornament that looked like Zelenskyy being hanged is just icing on the cake.


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