New aid pledges for Ukraine fall to lowest levels since the start of the war, report says

Ukraine’s allies have dramatically scaled back their pledges of new aid to the country, which have fallen to their lowest level since the start of the war, the German-based Kiel Institute’s Ukraine aid tracker showed Thursday.

“The dynamics of support to Ukraine have slowed,” the Kiel Institute said, adding that new military, financial and humanitarian aid pledged to Ukraine between August and October 2023 fell almost 90 percent compared with the same period in 2022, reaching its lowest point since the start of the war in February 2022.

The figures come amid signs of growing cracks in Western support for Ukraine as Kyiv’s highly-anticipated counteroffensive fails to yield a breakthrough and the world’s attention pivots to the Israel-Hamas war.

nicetriangle avatar

Between stirring up shit in Gaza, bribing Republicans to obstruct funding, and now the shit down in Venezuela... you gotta hand it to Russia. Those dickheads really know how to distract and obstruct.


All the more reason their aggression needs to be checked


And they’ve always been number one at just patiently throwing bodies into the meat grinder until eventually winter comes for their enemies.

FaceDeer avatar

May not work so well for them this time, General Winter seems to be on Ukraine's side.


Ukies must yolo it now. Wait 3 more months and it will at best be a stalemate, at worst the Russians will start to creep back into lost areas. Ukies will suffer horrendous losses by yoloing but Zelensky must bear the price of freedom.

FaceDeer avatar

I think I'll leave it up to the Ukrainians to decide that. They're better informed than I am and they're the ones who'll be paying.

BombOmOm, avatar

The US needs to get off their ass and get that Ukraine funding bill passed. Republicans keep tacking on bullshit to poison it.


I also like to shit on the US, but what about the EU and UK?

c0mbatbag3l, avatar

US is the world’s police force didn’t ya know?


I somehow prefer the US than the british tories giving lessons of morality around the world


Putin’s bitch Orban needs to stop blocking $50 billion in planned EU aid.


You are right… sorry, this is so frustrating


I fucking hate Omnibus politics. I don’t know how you’d do it, but 1 bill, 1 issue seems nice. And maybe banning naming these bills anything, because it’s so misleading.

Infiltrated_ad8271 avatar

Wasn't support for israel forcibly included in that funding bill? That's another good way to poison it.


The way it was framed was actually the inverse I believe. They used broad support (among representatives at least) for Israel to force through additional funding for Ukraine as a package deal because support for Ukraine was wavering.

BombOmOm, avatar

Naw. Israeli support is high among both D and R representatives. Israel is a key strategic partner in the Middle East and both parties want to maintain high relations.

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