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This is the best summary I could come up with: Trump is an idiot.


Good bot


if title.has("Trump says):

return “He lies. He’s an idiot”


Syntax error


Oh shit I’m missing a quote. Good syntax checker.


Trust him, he's an expert on not paying bills.


And that is why he was ok with Russia blackmailing him with the pee pee tape.


Why do I have a feeling that Putin told him to say that. It’s just too convenient for Trump to say that after that Tucker interview.

Like, am I imagining things? It’s pretty clear they have communication, right?


Oh no, they’ve been communicating since before 2016. Just look at the changes to party platform for the GOP that year regarding funding to Ukraine. The new policies, which came directly from Trumps people, reversed course on Ukraine and basically adopted pro-Kremlin positions. And it was out of left field…on alot of policy positions, they didn’t comment on shit or even have fully developed positions…but on Ukraine they have a very strong and very pro-Kremlin stance.


Absolutely. For anyone who’s not familiar with Seth Abramson, he’s written three enormous books sourced from major news media piecing all of it together in excruciating detail. Here’s an interview about one of them for some flava.

TL;DR Donald Trump is 100% colluding with russia and has been for well over a decade. There’s not a question about it. It’s a tower of concrete facts.


It would be illegal for any of us poor people to encourage others to attack Donald Trump for not paying his bills in the same way, so I’m not going to do that.

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So… Trump is a puppet of Vladdy Daddy? A “Trump-et” perhaps?

That was the worst pun I have ever made.


What’s “bills”?

Protection money? Like monsters do?


Wouldn’t that (by his reasoning) make the other NATO countries smart?

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That’s funny coming from a guy who is infamous for not paying his bills.


Americans really need to bash their elected representatives to invest in public schools and free/affordable higher education. This muppet already happened, but maybe it’s not too late to save the upcoming generations from another one.


Hitler only succeeded on the second attempt.


I have little to no doubt that Trump will win the second term. And as a Ukrainian am horrified by the prospect.


It won’t happen, rest easy

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Plenty of people said that the first time tho


I recently learned that succeeded is a bit of a stretch. He gained control through essentially an armed insurrection.


The republicans I have talked with would fully be in board with this. They think NATO is an archaic organization that only existed because of the Cold War and should be disbanded…

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Cool, let’s see what states in the US are paying their fair share into the federal government, if you take more than you contribute then you loose your electoral votes.


But then a republican would literally never get elected.

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Only seems fair if you don’t pay your bills.


I needed a good laugh, he really is the meme president.

GiddyGap, (edited )

“No, I would not protect you. In fact, I would encourage them to do whatever the hell they want. You got to pay. You got to pay your bills.”

Not exactly the Christian way. Yet, evangelicals apparently just love a president who will throw their friends under the bus.


As someone currently on trial for fraud you’d think he’d not be framing himself as the person in the wrong.


quick reminder that only a single NATO member has called for help of their allies with article 5 so far


Which one was it and why? Im not in a NATO country and dont understand this article lore thing


The one whose ex-president this article is about, which is what makes the whole thing funny.

The US called for help after 9/11.


Can we stop putting him on the front page because he says shut like this? We can’t ignore him, but we are playing into his hands. Headline it something like, More Proof Trump is unelectable, or something that isn’t click bait


It’s a fair point, but don’t think about it as someone-posted-it-to-lemmy think about it as The Guardian thought it was amazing this donald trump character would say something outrageous.

As if they just woke up in the world this morning and were completely perplexed as to how a demented sociopathic rapist fraud could have said such a thing.

This is what we’re talking about with regard to corporate news media constantly supporting Trump and his campaign. If the reporter was actually allowed to phrase the title, it would be something like “Fuck me, another verbal turd from spray-tan bozo” or . . y’know, something. Instead, it’s this sanitized, starched white “How interesting that such a provocative comment was made” headline which is pure and utter bullshit and everyone is completely aware of it. That’s the 1984 happening.


Except it’s not proof he’s unelectable, only that sane people won’t vote for him.

ILikeBoobies, (edited )

People won’t read past the headline and accept or reject the notion based on their beliefs

A better headline in this case would be “Trump claims with him in charge US no match for Russian army”





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