Some would say that Egypt deployed tanks and troops across the Gaza border so Israel would take them seriously. Some would say it’s just to keep the Gazians out, along with their billion dollar wall. Smart people say both.

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Letting them in would basically give Israel an excuse to constantly violate the border.

Look what's happening in DR Congo right now.

Rwanda basically unofficially invades DRC whenever it likes on the grounds that some Hutu went there. The situation is different in terms of tech - Israel can send "surgical" strikes instead of M23, but the same principle applies.


Netanyahu, in an interview on ABC News’ “This Week with George Stephanopoulos,” suggested civilians in Rafah could flee north

What a fucking joke, really. “What are you doing in your homes up north? Run south so we don’t bomb you. What are you doing south? We totally have an excuse to kill you now”

perviouslyiner, (edited )

Especially after that interview with soldiers saying that they considered civilians as “complicit” if they had “ignored” the instructions to move out of their homes.


It is not a joke it is genocide with manipulative excuses.

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