I feel horrible for thinking this, but as an American I’m glad it’s not our police in the headline for once.


Israel joined their enemies from WWII we are 180 out from this going full circle


Israel didn’t exist during WW2. Please don’t conflate jewish people with zionism. Jews are not all the property of Israel.


I’m not.

Israel was directly created because of the nazi regime.

Israel’s enemies may have existed before it but they were still Israel’s enemies.

I can see your point though, even though I did not mean it that way

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Gotta learn from the most moral army

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In the birth-place of fascism, they have elected a fascist. Fascists have historically supported Zionism, not Palestine. For me the fact that students in Italy protest for Palestine is loud enough to give me hope.

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It’s a bit more nuanced than that. Meloni is from the istitutionalised fascists, who are indeed generally Zionist. The grassroots fascist movements such as forza nuova are generally pro Palestine, and have been for decades. Just like in every category, you find both.

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To my understanding forza nuova was gaining a tiny percentage in elections, bellow 0.30%. Meloni is the prime minister.

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