Brazil police accuse Bolsonaro of fraud in vaccine records

Brazil's federal police formally accused former President Jair Bolsonaro of fraud on his vaccination records, opening the door to criminal charges, according to a police report seen by Reuters on Tuesday. An investigation by the comptroller general's office had already found that Bolsonaro's vaccination records were falsified to suggest he was vaccinated against COVID-19 in Sao Paulo in July 2021, when he was not in the city.
Police found in their report that Bolsonaro could be charged with falsifying data in the country's public health system (SUS) and forming a criminal organization to evade public health rules.
One of his former aides, Mauro Cid, who was arrested in May in the investigation and released as part of a plea bargain, was also formally accused in the police report.
Police found that Cid fraudulently obtained vaccination records for Bolsonaro and his daughter Laura at the request of the then-president. Cid's plea bargain testimony was used as evidence against his former boss.
Bolsonaro told Reuters that he had not taken the COVID vaccine or done anything wrong: "It's a selective investigation. I'm calm," said the former president. "The world knows that I didn't take the vaccine."

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