Netanyahu says Israel will ‘crush and destroy’ Hamas; every Hamas member is a ‘dead man’

JERUSALEM (AP) — Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said Wednesday that Israel would “crush and destroy” Hamas in response to its attack.

Netanyahu said every Hamas member was a “dead man.”

Netanyahu made the remarks in a late-night televised address as Israeli planes pounded Gaza in response to the unprecedented attack.

AllonzeeLV, (edited )

It’s easy to call the people you don’t like “terrorists” after you put them in the world’s largest open air prison, allow them no voice in their governance, deny them basic human necessities, and they predicably act out of desperation .

What’s hard, and the right thing, is the force holding the bigger gun exercising restraint in their response.

But we’re sending two aircraft carriers to back up that already far superior force as they punch down and possibly do a genocide. No amount of conditional soup makes organized religion worth the continuous, murderous madness it brings.

If you’re willing to kill real people or die for an imaginary friend, you’re the problem.

kfet, avatar

Hamas people literally shot-up a music fest, murdering a whole lot of civilians, kidnaping even more. Where would you draw the line before calling them terrorists?

AllonzeeLV, (edited )…/Blockade_of_the_Gaza_Strip

Maybe when they’re no longer perpetual prisoners. When you make hope impossible, you make vengeance an alluring alternative.

The US was founded on revolting against hilariously less tyranny than this. If you were a Palestinian watching your oppressor host lavish concerts for their children as yours starve, would you tell them that peaceful resignation is the only option?

There are no good guys in this conflict, only slightly varying degrees of dehumanization, cruelty, and violence.

If Israel or Palestine wanted peace, either or both of them should become secular states. But neither values peace. They both value believing they’re some imaginary god’s soldiers in some stupid imaginary soul war. Human life > anyone’s stupid ass religion. If they want to pray to Pikachu at 2am hopping on one leg except on Saturday nobody cares, but making your fantasy other people’s problem at gunpoint makes you wrong, every time. It is no less insane than shooting a d&d dungeon master in the chest with a gun because you lost your buff roll. It’s bonkers that we support any theocracy, let alone one proud theocracy over another.

loutr, avatar

Yes they have every right to take up arms and fight a revolution against Israel. Doesn’t make the killing of civilians morally justifiable.


You say that as if they’re a rival military force. You say that as if Hamas hasn’t repeatedly attacked Israeli soldiers on the only scale they can manage, single digits at a time, only to have the Israeli government retaliate against civilian populations from a distance in far larger numbers. Hamas cannot oppose the enemy actively oppressing their people on symmetrical terms. They only have targets of opportunity.

Israel, on the other hand, can and do unload on civilians regularly, the global media just doesn’t consider those civilian deaths to be newsworthy.


This guy didn’t call Israel good. He just said if you shoot up a music festival, you’re a terrorist.

If you put even 10% of your energy you put into trying to be heard into trying to hear then you could probably aim your homilies at the people who need to hear them. You could maybe engage in an actual dialogue if you read before you typed.


Alright, when the same media that condemns Hamas for terrorism also condemns Israel for terrorism, when the same countries that supply weapons, ammunition, and just about anything that can be used to kill people either also supply Palestine with the same resources or just NOT GIVE ANYONE WAR-RELATED RESOURCES AT ALL, then we can talk about condemning Hamas.

It’s really interesting that we have seldom seen journalists and news agencies asking Zionists if they condemn X atrocity, but see it all the time with Zionists.

Here is just a reminder of a few Zionist atrocities that have never seen justice.


This guy didn’t call Israel good. He just said if you shoot up a music festival, you’re a terrorist.

If you put even 10% of your energy you put into trying to be heard into trying to hear then you could probably aim your homilies at the people who need to hear them. You could maybe engage in an actual dialogue if you read before you typed.


I mean after a while you begin to realize Islam is not the religion of peace and left to ferment anywhere will lead to extremism and terrorism. I think it's time to make a very strong statement that this won't be tolerated.

Why don't the people in Gaza just give up and live in peace with Israel? It looks to me like that's what Israel was doing considering they could've wiped them out at any point prior to this.

FfaerieOxide avatar

Don't think saying the largest religion in the world is something which "ferments" is all that cool actually.

Fanning flames of hate is ill-advisable.


No one has to be Muslim. I don't have a problem with human beings, I have a problem with an ideology.

You also never answered my question. These people don't need to be violent. They can just integrate into modern society like everyone else in the world.


Much like many Muslims already have.

You just don't hear about them (except for occasional puff pieces like "Mosque feeds the hungry") because it's not newsworthy for them to just exist.

Religion is an excuse for people to act horrible to each other, not the exclusive reason. Even without religion people would find plenty of reasons to treat each other like shit.


Time to set an extreme example to those who don't assimilate.

FfaerieOxide avatar

What is wrong with you?


I didn't pick the side you're on.

FfaerieOxide avatar

The side that thinks talking of murdering Muslims for being Muslims is fucked up?

No, you don't seem to demonstrate the level of discernment which would having you picking that.


"Time to set an extreme example to those who don't assimilate."

Is what I said. Let me break this down for you: "Those who don't wish to join us in modern day society should be taught a severe lesson." Or would you rather make excuses so they continue attacking people who don't practice Islam?

You're thinking with emotion, not logic. Please stop because your line of thinking is extremely dangerous and apologetic towards terrorists.

FfaerieOxide avatar

You started this by describing Islam as a faith which "left to fester" always results in terrorism. You don't seem adequately positioned to delineate what is and isn't modern society.

Your motivations seem clear.


Turns out that when your religion leads to terrorism people aren't going to have a positive outlook on it. Go figure.

FfaerieOxide avatar

I already know you're a piece of shit, you don't have to keep convincing me.


Lmfao wow, the truth hurts doesn't it? Welcome to reality buster. You're in the minority if you're supporting this shit.

FfaerieOxide avatar

The truth that you're an asshole? Oh no, I knew. We've been over this.


Bro you're literally a terrorist sympathizer... the words out of your mouth are worth less than dirt.

FfaerieOxide avatar

I'm not the one talking about wiping out an entire people because of their religious faith.


They are welcome to not be apart of it. I don't have a problem with the people. I have a problem with a violent religion that instructs people to kill non-believers.

And you should too, instead of pushing up your glasses and saying "ackshually..." you're not getting brownie points from anyone for defending that shit. They'd kill you just the same. Watch some of those interviews with the people who were held hostage. These people hate everyone but those who follow their religion. It's disturbing and even more fucking disturbing that people are trying to apply western values to a very not western situation.

FfaerieOxide avatar

There you go Blaming every member of a billion+ strong faith for the very actions you are justifying against them.

Promoting genocide is bad, my dude.


Do you have a cognitive disability? Are you truly this incapable of comprehending the difference between an ideology and physical people?

FfaerieOxide avatar

Right, you want to impose your personal convictions on everyone or see them killed.

I understand your convictions and I have said they are wrong.


It's a good thing you hold no power then because you'd certainly doom our world.

FfaerieOxide avatar

Yeah, with all my "Not engaging in religious genocide."

Much doom.
How wow.


Does that include you? You seem to be advocating for more violence than most Muslims, what religion are you blaming for your actions?


Why don't the people in Gaza just give up and live in peace with Israel?

Israel refuses that. Remember: The first (and second) intifadas happened for a reason, and it's not because a bunch of people decided to kill time by bombing themselves.


Oh, by leaving them alone they were totally refusing to do that. Lmao the mental gymnastics so you can be edgy. Bro, you're going too far if you're defending extremists. Please go outside.


Think the carriers are mostly there more to say “nobody else get involved” and help prevent this from becoming a wider conflict.


And not just the Hamas, but the women and children too


Maybe it’s about time to suggest to Israel that, instead of spending all that money on bombs and missiles, that gas chambers would be more cost effective.

Duckef, eventually they’ll be claiming they’re the good guys while wearing these uniforms.


The sick fuck literally called Palestinians animals the other day.


That kind of language really isn’t that uncommon from Likud members. They very often use language and threaten “solutions” which are alarmingly similar to what the Nazis said about the Jews.


What he really means: ethnic cleansing of all Palestinians.

yogthos, avatar

I imagine one major reason they cut electricity to Gaza is to make sure cell towers are dead and phones lose charge so there’s less evidence coming out of the crimes against humanity they’re planning to commit.


Xbox Live lobby level trash talk


Some of the takes that I’ve seen on this are bizarre.

You can hate that Hamas has murdered innocent civilians, and you can ALSO hate that Israel has murdered innocent civilians.

Some of us are just genuinely disgusted by the sheer amount of innocent people dying. It’s terrible, and nothing anyone says will ever make me believe that those innocent people deserved to die like that. Some of them only have the “crime” of being born there.

I’m not from the US, but it irks me to see so many people calling anyone from there a hypocrite for being upset over it, solely because of the United States’ previous involvement. Many of the people commenting are probably not the same people who wanted to join the war back then. Many of the people commenting may have not been old enough to vote for the government at the time. Millions of people are not one single homogeneous life form. Every person has their own mix of thoughts, feelings, experiences, emotions, hopes, and dreams. These things help fuel how they see the world around them. No two peoples stories are exactly alike.


In this logic no country can ever be retaliated against for acts of war and their war crimes. Israel should just sit back and allow their people to be killed. They won’t do that and as far as most of the world sees it as Hamas representing the area. Why should we hold Israel to a higher moral standard than anyone attacking them?


Because the one who can actually cause change. You should usually hold the oppressor to a higher moral standard than the oppressed.

AdamEatsAss, (edited )

As a USA citizen we suffer from a culture of “blind patriotism and stupidity.” A lot of people believe anything the USA did in the past is right because the USA did it. A lot of people believe all other nations are inferior, living in the USA it is very easy to be isolated from other nations. I personally find it easy to write nonsense on Lemmy from the safety of my couch.


Describe what you just did for me please. How are you different?


Different from what?


Translation: Palestinian families and children will die.


Yeah, somehow I doubt that Mossad will go after the leaders hiding in Qatar. And that’s not because they can’t, there are a lot of Nazis who could vouch for their capabilities when it comes to assassinate people in other countries.


Dude, you funded Hamas. They’re your own employees.


Time to fire them or to them as it happens


Fund extremists to prevent the Palestinians from getting their shit together and making headway towards their own state and then act surprised when said extremists backfire hard.

And of course, it’s innocent civilians on both sides that pay the price.

donuts avatar

Revenge rhetoric. It seems to me that there is zero practical way of crushing Hamas. It's not like they wear Hamas uniforms or carry Hamas membership cards. In fact, there's no guarantee that key Hamas leaders are even still in Gaza right now, as they could have easily fled the area. To make matters worse, the members of Hamas who are still in Gaza are likely to be in plain clothes and fighting with guerilla tactics in a familiar and dense urban environment, it'll be a bloody fight and many Palestinians will wind up getting caught in the crossfire. It's also very likely that we start seeing broadcast Hamas executions of Israeli hostages, which will only increase hostility.

The situation in Israel and Palestine is already awful, but I imagine it's going to rapidly become much worse over coming days. I feel so sorry for the innocent people on both sides of this conflict whose lives are being ruined for literally nothing.


As much as I hate to say it, it has to happen and this will get worse before it gets better. Allowing people to cross boarders and execute civilians, and civilian captives can not be allowed to stand.

I hope US carriers are there to attempt a rescue, but I’m not holding my breath.


Yes, let’s go back to the status quo where humans in Gaza were dying silently in inhumane conditions, and where the humans in the West Bank and the rest of Israel were treated like subhuman where Israeli settler’s backed by the Israeli military would freely commit acts of terror against them.

What a dog-shit take, maybe go educated yourself a bit before spitting out genocidal rhetoric.


Hamas will be hiding behind civilians likes they normally do. Very hard to kill them.


In fact, there’s no guarantee that key Hamas leaders are even still in Gaza right now, as they could have easily fled the area.

They never were in the first place. It’s well known that the key leaders are sitting in luxury in Qatar.

Jaysyn avatar

And that's why Israel purposefully ignored the warnings Egypt gave them.


Oh Natty. Just shut up.

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