It has now been confirmed by the IDF and a senior coroner. It was not widespread luckily and only happened in one village. I didn’t believe it at first either, and had assumed it was misinformation.

Sad news for sure.


Yeah if it was real they’d be trumpeting the evidence. It’s bullshit of course.


People who believe the baby beheading story would’ve 100% fallen for the Nariyah testimony about the baby incubators


I feel like I've heard about beheaded children for the last 20 years whenever there's an Islamic military group involved in a conflict. But the story is never confirmed by other sources and it just falls quietly off the 24 hour news cycle. Whereas stories with evidence, like the beaten unconscious/dead woman being driven around stick longer because there's some confirmation.

It would obviously help a great deal if Islamic military groups didn't have a truly horrific habit of beheading people at all, but it also doesn't help much if our media is (knowingly or unknowingly) pushing stories that are based on a possible lie.

There are most certainly stories that are based on lies published about any global conflict, this isn't Middle-East-specific, and it's not a condemnation of the individual journalists reporting on live eye-witness accounts, but I dont see many formal retractions and apology from agencies to correct the record on much reporting, live or otherwise.

Given that it eventually fully came out that Iraq's "Weapons of Mass Destruction" were a lie that was used to justify a "pre-emptive strike", and all the media that supported that line at the time, what has changed enough about our media machinery to rely on the accuracy of stories like these now? How can we better ensure that the headlines we read are based on the most-confirmed and accurate information? How many retractions or corrections do media agencies publish on average anyway? Do they just publish an update somewhere and be done with it?

Sorry for the train of thought, this is just something that has been bothering me about conflict-reporting accuracy for a while. I want to make decisions and judgements that are both accurate and cause the least damage, but when history is written by the victor, how can I know the foundations of my judgement are solid? Realistically I don't think I can, and I do not like that concept at all.

AllNewTypeFace, avatar

It does sound rather lurid, a bit like Saddam Hussein’s troops throwing Kuwaiti babies out of incubators (which turned out to have been made up for selling Operation Desert Storm).

Of course, that’s not ruling it out, though it does feel like someone at some stage may have over-egged the pudding.


The Australian Government also had a "children being thrown overboard by asylum seekers coming by boat" scandal. I wonder how many others there have been.

PupBiru avatar

more info:

basically asylum seekers were passing their babies off a sinking boat to border patrol authorises and the government cropped it to make it look like they were throwing their kids overboard to shed weight and save themselves

AngrilyEatingMuffins avatar


PupBiru avatar

yeah so that was our conservative government. no surprises there aye?


It’s one of the oldest tricks in the book. Preying on parental instinct is stupidly easy.

jayrhacker avatar

Yeah, blood libel never gets old, sadly.


I read that various journalists had confirmed it with their own eyes, I think French ones.

utopologist, avatar

Which ones?


I dunno, it was some random Twitter post I saw at some point, I can’t find it in my history. However I suspect it might’ve been one of the journalists spreading falsehoods that the article mentioned.


Must have been either TinTin or Fantasio!

agent_flounder, avatar

Idk, pretty sure TinTin is Belgian


Yes but I wouldn’t expect them to know the difference.

agent_flounder, avatar

Well I’m convinced! /s


Well wherever you read that was lying; there has been no first hand confirmation.


This makes me think about that article that said Russia would be pumping the misinformation a little harder. I’m not saying that’s what this is, it just makes me think about it.


Babies are being murdered though. The method, or the religion, is irrelevant.


It’s being used as propaganda to justify brutal treatment of civilians in Gaza, so it matters, even if the end result is the same.


… including the babies in Gaza.


I’d say 20% odds the babies never even existed—and, if they did, 70% odds there were fewer than 40 of them and 80% odds they weren’t beheaded.


Since this article from the intercept a lot of other agencies are publishing it.

Nypost for example.

Make of that what you will but the independent sources are accumulating.


You can't trust Murdoch properties.


Yeah, that NPost article uses I24 as their source. The same I24 who has been repeatedly caught making shit up to smear Palestinians.

I24 also seems to be the only source for the specific "beheading babies" claim.

Not that Hamas hasn't killed children and infants. Israel has as well. Both have, and in the last couple of days.

The "beheading babies" claim seems to have been created for the specific purpose of justifying a genocide of the Palestinians of Gaza, because if Hamas does something, the other 2 million Palestinians obviously have to suffer for it.


Yeah, it’s an odd claim and I’m not really sure exactly why the method of killing is really important. It’s not like anyone will breathe a sigh of relief when we discover that the babies were not in fact beheaded.

I guess it’s a disinformation strategy. Spread easily disprovable claims to make authentic claims less credible.


1 Dead baby is enough for me, buster.


Both sides have killed babies in the past few days. Are you equally against both Hamas and the IDF?



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  • stephen01king,

    Your argument doesn’t make sense. The conversation has diverged into the number of babies killed by both sides and nothing to do with beheading babies since that is an unconfirmed event. The fact that you’re trying to conflate the two issues so that you can appear to be on the moral high ground is very concerning.

    bear, avatar

    Everybody here agrees that beheading babies is bad. Nobody is defending beheading a baby. You are shadowboxing right now. Pointing out the two following facts:

    1. Nobody is currently willing to confirm the report that babies are actually getting beheaded,
    2. It is however confirmed that Israel is responsible for the death of many babies,

    Is not a defense of beheading babies. If you think it is, you are genuinely beyond help.


    I'm not susceptible to "Ackshually" shit anymore. That has become a tiring internet trend. I know what I'm seeing. I know what I don't like.


    Watch the "only one side's babies are important" holy man dodge admitting the bigotry of their statement and awe at the moral superiority!


    Can you put that in percentages?


    Enough for you to what? Condone genocide? Cheer as Israel bombs Palestinian homes, schools, and hospitals? I promise they’ve killed far more.

    Nelots, (edited )


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  • bdonvr,

    “Justifying the beheading of babies”

    Source on the baby beheading



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  • TigrisMorte,

    No, a source lets you know if it is propaganda bullshit which it is becoming more and more apparent that the baby slaughter story is precisely that.


    If peace was in the cards it would've happened. It's been centuries. Neither side is perfect but at this point someone has to "win" or this shit will go on for the rest of eternity.

    No, It's not a perfect answer, its a damn fucking ugly one. But I think you already know we don't live in a perfect world.

    Or... the Islamic population could've just left. Gone to any other Islamic county that shares their ideology. Who the fuck cares where you live when the alternative is endless war and suffering?


    The Israelis evidently.


    You're fucking disgusting bro. Making excuses for terrorists.


    At no point did I do so, but go on and lie to confirm what disgusting scum you are.

    Pootie and Nyet 'n Yahoo wanted this to distract from their own crimes. So Pootie called Iran and Nyet 'n Yahoo ignored Egypt. Trying to reframe it such that only one side is at fault shall only lead to more slaughter. As evidenced by the long History of exactly this same dance.


    Bruh seriously advocating for genocide.

    DarkDarkHouse, avatar

    Enough for dinner


    100% certain they weren’t beheaded or it would have been confirmed by now.

    Inevitable that children, including babies, died. And also inevitable that Israelis get much more media attention than Palestinians, before and after they are killed by this wickedness.

    Predictable that the media are, often uncritically, publishing calls for the massacre of Palestinians in response, while condemning Hamas for doing exactly what they’re demanding Israel do.

    library_napper, avatar

    Inevitable that Israel has killed more babies than Palestine in this war. It happens every time.

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