Israel is doing this for no other reason than vengeance. They need to kill palenstinian civilians at a rate of 100/1 for each Israeli citizen that has been killed. There is no moral high ground in this situation. It is very sad.


They have already alluded to wanting to make them leave, a second nakba, etc. Nobody can claim they don’t want ethnic cleansing anymore.


They should've left Gaza long before this.


How and go where?


Egypt? Jordan? Lebanon? Syria? Saudia Arabia? There's tons of countries around there. Are they not willing to take in their Muslim brothers?

sadreality, (edited )

Are you 12 years old or just severely uneducated on the current geopolitical situation in the region and historical context?


Why don't you elaborate instead of acting like a pompous asshole?


Alright ... Fair point.

  1. Arabs view Gaza residents as low class white trash cousin. They would never shoulder money costs or permit them to resettle. Look at how they handled Syria.

Note some Arab countries have more mone than west EU, still NADA

  1. Gaza has been under blockade since 2007 aka residents can't leave unless you have money to pay your way out via bribes.

Wow so those Arabs are just as complicit by not offering them refugee in their country. I heard Egypt is also not allowing anyone out and is not allowing aid in. Why would Eqypt do that?


They buy weapons from the US who tells them what to do on this issue since Israel is a protectorate of the US.

Similar situation with other Arabs states but even non US aligned states won't step either like UAE and Qatar


So it’s time for Israeli citizens to hold a vote of non confidence in their leadership.


This is what the majority wants... They want to settle the land.

Israeli state is taking too long.

Look at west bank. Playing nice does not work.

Playing hard doesn't either tho

Palestians are stateless people and their presence in Palestine is number.

It ain't right but Israel has ability and now support from the west to get this cleansing op under way.

Gonna see some nasty shit over next few weeks.

Porka_911, (edited )

Well not really, Qatar will have something to say about that.

Qatar pretty much owns London for a start, so no doubt will pull Sunak’s strings when the time comes.

Let’s not forget how Israel’s formation started.

We’re going to see a Mossad type rescue of the hostages, that’s all.

Hopefully the voice of reason will dull this down for now. US secretary of state has already told Benji what’s what.

fiat_lux, (edited )

I think it's more than just revenge, I think the Ukraine war provides additional cover for finally entirely taking the Gaza strip. It is a convenient time to 'end' the conflict while Western and EU cash / human rights organisations are tied up on the Russian front.

Edited to add: my foggy covid memory has some recollection of five-eyes intelligence or other credibleish rumours this was being planned for earlier, but the risk from the new pandemic was too uncertain for it to proceed. Mid-2021 maybe? Israelis were getting the shits with Netanyahu (again), and he was getting internal political competition / resistance at the time and so he used the IDF to provoke religious tensions just a little harder than usual. That way he was able to justify a defence rationale for a 'new' military campaign and revive his image. I mostly just remember that the warnings were getting more frequent after the Ukraine invasion kicked off.

Edit 2: that's right, he lost power for a bit with several elections and there had been talks about international courts looking into apartheid at the same time too, and he made deals with the far-right to cement power. What a mess.

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