Might as well take the initiative and ban pasta while they’re at it.

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Christ, what the fuck is wrong with the world? Didn’t we solve this in WWII? Didn’t the world kinda collectively discover that being a fascist, Nazi dickbag isn’t the way to go? What happened?


Well, contemporary world is full of examples of people being a far right dickbag, even though they declare the exact opposite (as a fine fascist would do), that are"histories of success"

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Thinking defeating the “evil guys” is a one and done type of deal is precisely why we are here.

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Somewhere along the line, some of us decided that punching Nazis is wrong. That was a mistake.

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Just like how many people stopped being supportive of labor unions, a lot of dummies out there have this misplaced belief that as soon as any problem goes away, we no longer need to uphold the things that solved those problems in the first place.

Of course that's not at all how the world works. Bad actors are constantly looking for gaps in our defenses. They're never going to fully go away because there is an ever present 25-30% of humanity that frankly sucks.

It requires a continuous collective effort to stave these despicable motherfuckers off.


You’re super letting the CIA off the hook here. Operation Gladio killed a generation of leftists and leftist resistance in Italy.


This is OBVIOUSLY just in case some future government might do something that COULD be misconstrued as abuse of office. TOTALLY unrelated to anything the current government might want to do.

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You spelled "fascist" wrong.

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