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President El Sisi congratulated Mitsotakis on winning the elections, praising the unique and deep ties between Egypt and Greece and the coordination between both countries around various common-interest issues.

The Egyptian President also hailed Greece's support and appreciation for Egypt on the bilateral and European levels, along with the trilateral cooperation between Egypt, Greece, and Cyprus.

On his side, Mitsotakis asserted the depth and strength of the relationships between Egypt and Greece, welcoming the latest development in bilateral ties in the past few years.

He also expressed his country's keenness in continuing to deepen the ties between both countries, especially in light of Egypt's leading role in facing the challenges in the Mediterranean. 

The Greek Prime Minister thanked Egypt for sending air tankers for helping in fighting the wildfires in Greece, and President El Sisi expressed his condolences to Greece for the victims of the wildfires.

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