We received our new this week, for the City of 's new program. Hey, only 20 years behind the small town my parents lived in back then, not too bad.

Also with the bin, you get a plastic bucket with a tight-fitting lid and a handle, to use in your house for , so you can "save up" scraps and not have to run out to the bin after every meal prep etc.

So far, not so bad.



But leaving scraps and in a under the sink for days is a bit of a , so the helpfully tells you to use a non-plastic, compostable liner in the bucket.

Good idea. They even included 5 free liners with the bin & bucket when we got it.

The liners are the shape of large lunch bags - tall and rectangular.

The bucket is horseshoe-shaped, and much wider than it is tall.

As far as I can tell, no one makes liners this shape.

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