A Black actor was denied a wig for a major Broadway tour. She's now suing for racial discrimination (www.latimes.com)

Out of town, on Broadway and on the road, the recent revival of “1776” was strategically cast in a nontraditional manner, with actors of diverse gender identities and racial backgrounds portraying the white, male Founding Fathers as they finalized the Declaration of Independence. “Putting history in the hands of the humans...

aesthelete, to lemmyshitpost in pugs are a cruel human creation

If these liberals have their way they won’t allow us to make plastic straws anymore, think of it! Using straws made out of a different material like it is from the beginning of time until 1965 or something!!!

AnneTheWriter1, to mastodon

British: Just saying you're independent doesn't make it so.

Thomas Jefferson: I didn't say it... I declared it.

(It's again! Post some jokes or funny memes under this hashtag today, and bring lots of smiles to .)

RamenCatholic, to nonbinary


The (1752-1819) was a who taught a message of and founded the

After suffering a severe illness in , the Friend claimed to have died and been reanimated as a named the and afterward shunned both birth name and gendered pronouns.

story, with transcript:


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