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Did anyone else do this 30 Day Song Challenge when it came out a few years ago? I did it and made a playlist of all my picks for the challenge. I'm going to do it again now that it's been a while and make a new playlist. Join me if you want. There's a username on the image but I'm unsure what platform they're on but credit to them for coming up with this challenge.

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Another #30DaySongChallenge: Day 27
A song you like with beautiful lyrics

Me and my husband’s 10 year anthem💜

You & Me - Dave Matthews Band

smooz, to random

Another #30daysongchallenge Day 6: an angry song you like

Break Stuff - Limp Bizkit#

huggydave, to random

I'm doing a bunch of writing challenges, listening to a load of music and nursing a broken heart, so let's do the


Another Day 6: The angriest song you like.

I'm a metalhead so I'm kind of spoiled for choice when it comes to really angry music of various types, but I think the most nakedly vengeful song that comes to mind for me is Aesthetics of Hate by Machine Head.

It's not my favourite song from The Blackening, but there's something quite visceral about a song made as a vengeful response to an article on a music website.


Another Day 7: A song you like where you misheard/misremembed a lyric.

I'm quite bad with mondegreens, so there's a lot of songs where I'll mishear a lyric and never be able to hear it the right way again.

Most recently, it's probably Thrill by Band-Maid, which makes sense given I don't speak Japanese, so I hear the chorus line "I've got to be on my way! 真っ平らな (matairana or completely flat)" as "my dynamite!"


Another Day 8: A song you like from a video game.

There are far far too many to mention. I'm a huge fan of video games and a lot of my favourite songs come from game soundtracks, which can be powerfully emotional.

I'm going to go with a bit of an obvious one, which is Hopes and Dreams, the final boss (at least for the Pacifist Run) of the game Undertale.

Toby Fox's music is legendarily good but this song always gets me a little teary-eyed.


Another Day 9: The most recently released song that is now one of your favourites.

This was much much harder for me to find than I expected, given that I had hoped Spotify would let you sort your likes by release date.

Regardless, it's probably Believing by Babymetal off of thier brilliant album from this year entitled The Other One.

There might be something slightly newer than this, but this song resonates a lot with me right now.


Another Day 10: A song you used to like but grew out of.

I've tended to grow into a lot of music I thought I was better than as a teenager, so there's not a lot of songs that I feel I've truly grown out of.

It'd have to be something I listened to when I was really really young that's really painful to listen to now.

Okay so Girl Thing were an exceptionally short-lived girl group and Last One Standing is one of the most obnoxious songs ever.


Another Day 11: A live version of a song you like better than the studio version.

This is a bit of a cheat, but Rammstein's live concert experience is simply impossible to match in the studio, as good as the music is.

This is live version of one of thier early songs, "Wollt Ihr Das Bett In Flammen Sehen?" where the difference is far more pronounced than say, Engel or Auslander.


Another Day 12: A song you like that has an excellent breakdown.

I might have used this song already, but Minako Yoshida's TOWN has an absolutely amazing breakdown, made even better in the hands of a live band that's allowed to completely let loose.


Another Day 13: A song you like in a language not your native language.

A lot of the songs I've chosen throughout these challenges have been in Japanese, and there's probably as many songs in other langagues than in English.

So I'll just go for a song I am really enjoying as of late in the form of Never Ending Summer by S. Kiyotaka and Omega Tribe.


Another Day 14: A song that is an instant earworm.

So so many songs have been like that for me, so I'm going to avoid my immediate J-Pop predeliction and go for a song from an album full of earworms.

Everyone has a different answer for the best song off Paramore's Riot, but I think That's What You Get is the most earrwormy and is by far my favourite.


Another Day 15: A parody song you like.

Well, it can only be Wierd Al, the best parody musician by a mile.

As for the song, it's tricky to pick just one, so I'll go for I Lost On Jeopardy, which I swear is better than the original!


Another Day 16: A song that a good friend of yours loves but you don't care for at all.

There'll inevitably be metal songs and artists that I'm much more lukewarm on, mostly in more extreme metal genres.

It's really hard to find stuff I don't like rather than stuff I do.

I find Pantera on the whole quite overrated even notwithstanding all the awful stuff surrounding the band, but Walk in particular just never really grabs me.


Another Day 17: A song you like that is a less popular song on the same album as a very popular song.

Okay, so EMOTION by Carly Rae Jepson is one of the most surprisingly amazing albums ever, but whilst Run Away With Me is the obvious hit, I love When I Needed You so very much.


Another Day 18: A remix that you like better than the original.

It's going to be a Shep Pettibone remix, as they extend the song and add some really fascinating elements to popular new wave songs.

I'd probably go with the remix of Level 42's Lessons In Love, in no small part because of how it brings that sensational bass riff to the forefront of the mix compared to the Single version.


Another Day 19: A song you like from a movie soundtrack.

Alright, so Vince DiCola's not always been a popular or fashionable composer to like, but i can't say I don't absolutely adore his work on The Transformers: The Movie and especially Rocky IV.

The Training Montage theme in particular is something really really special, and I think influential to a lot of synthwave I'm into now.


Another Day 20: A song most people liked but you didn't care for.

I'll try to avoid ragging on Slayer or Pantera again, but a lot of thier music tends to be adored but I just don't get it.

This is going to be a bit of a tricky one. I'm going to go with Disturbed's version of The Sound of Silence.

It's not that bad, and I like a lot of Disturbed's more esoteric covers like Shout 2000 and Land of Confusion but it's so venerated that I find it dreary.


Another Day 21: A song that you would play for your fashion show walk if you ever had to be a runway model.

Let's say that's not exactly likely, but if I had to pick something, I'd go for this awesome metal cover of a half-decent song by a very decent pop artist.

Kesha's music outside of her early dollar sign era isn't actually as bad as people think, and Die Young's one of her best dance songs, covered to perfection by Everfrost here.


Another Day 22: An incredibly popular song that you like.

I'm hardly made of stone and I'm not someone who has a problem with pop rock at all. I'll give a lot of stuff a try that you might not expect from this thread.

Take Meatloaf for example. Not only do we share a birthday, but I absolutely love a huge chunk of his particular kind of opera rock.

I Would Do Anything For Love (But I Won't Do That) is his biggest hit, hence my pick.


Another Day 23: The funniest song you like.

Oh god, I love a lot of comedy music, and between Ninja Sex Party, Jon Lajoie and Wierd Al I've lot of options.

I'm going to go with my favourite funny song rather than the funniest song I like, which is the wonderfully cheesy and hilariously fun Laser Raptor 3D by Grailknights.

It's tongue in cheek but so close to earnestly serious that it becomes hilarious.


Another Day 24: A song I like that is entirely or heavily spoken word.

Easy choice. Gil-Scott Heron's The Revolution Will Not Be Televised.

I don't think I can add a single thing to this masterpiece and Iif you have not heard it before, please give it a listen.


Another Day 25: A song I like from a one-hit wonder.

The idea of the one hit wonder's always been a bit strange to me. After all, my favourite band are technically a one-hit wonder if top-40 singles hits are the only barometer.

I'll stick with a pretty universal example. Babylon Zoo made an amazing, strange electronic space rock song that sounded like nothing else on the charts before or really much since.

It's a shame they could never follow-up.


Another Day 26: A song I like from someone with an extensive hit library.

Okay, so the obvious choice here is The Beatles. One of the most successful bands in history and one that I have been listening to almost since birth.

As for the song, it's so hard to pick just one that I love so I'll go with a Day In The Life, a surreal, wierd song that lodged in my mind for decades.


Another Day 27: A song you like with beautiful lyrics.

So so many options, so I'll opt for a song by my favourite lyricist in Peter Sinfield.

He had an album of music he both wrote and performed, and The Song Of The Sea Goat is by far his best.

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