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Armbian Update gemacht => ZFS geht nicht mehr, weil Paketversionen inkompatibel sind.

Armbian-Leute wissen Bescheid, aber haben kein Interesse, das zeitnah zu lösen, weil die Version fürs Rock64 nur "Community maintained" ist und sie andere Prios haben.

Ich lasse es mir eine Lehre sein und verzichte wohl dann bald mal auf Armbian. Oder kaufe dann doch was x86 mäßiges, weil mir das Gefummeln und Gebastel mit dem Ding eh schon zu viel Arbeit gemacht hat. 🙄

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Snapdragon Dev Kit

The fastest Windows on Arm device for developers.

  • Snapdragon x Elite
  • 32GB RAM
  • 80W system architecture
  • Supports 3 external displays
  • Preorders open
  • worldwide delivery
  • $899

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I wonder if has some kind of minimal and/or way to run x86 applications on an host, similar to Rosetta for MacOS or the similar WIP Microsoft compatibility.

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Many x86 Laptop Improvements In 6.10 Plus Acer Laptop

Pawlicker, to linux

workstation/server boards for with PCIe exist now on and will fit in a regular case

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Microsoft App Assure helps Opera build Arm-optimized browser.

“App Assure engineers worked directly with Opera’s engineering team, offering technical assistance and guidance. It quickly became apparent that both teams had a similar take on strong signals reflecting growing industry awareness of the performance and efficiency benefits offered by Arm devices.”


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256 cores and 12 memory channels in a single socket 😳

ServeTheHome: Ampere AmpereOne Update 256 Core 12-Channel Arm CPU Coming

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🦾 ARM / Snapdragon X Elite on laptops with Linux :linux:

Qualcomm has been working to upstream Linux support for this high-end "System on a Chip" device asset!

◉Snapdragon X Elite is a bit of a momentum for ARM powered processing
◉Upon success it'll disrupt the x86-processor (e.g. Intel dominated market)
◉One of ARM's benefits is great battery life

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More Based Handheld Game Consoles Supported By 6.10

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Intel Arc Graphics Demonstrated Running On With Ampere Altra

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Globalisierung macht die Reichsten reicher

Tatsächlich trug die #Globalisierung dazu bei, Ungleichheiten zwischen verschiedenen Ländern zu verringern. Innerhalb der Länder ist die Schere zwischen #Arm und #Reich allerdings weiter auseinandergegangen. Denn #Einkommenszuwächse verzeichneten vor allem die obersten 10%.
Die Vorteile der Globalisierung nehmen im Laufe des Integrationsprozesses ab, während die Verteilungskosten steigen.


irfan, to Youtube

I've been meaning to cut down my power usage without disrupting my lifestyle too much, the first thought is for me to "decommission" my HTPC which I keep running all day, asleep at best, just so it's ready for me when I want to sleep and need it to watch #YouTube (so I can get to sleep lol).

The "easiest" replacement is get an #ARM based computer to take over its job. My first thought it should run on #Linux just bcos I'm most familiar with it and it's an open ecosystem so I should be able to do a ton of things w it - but I only have a Pi 4 and that thing honestly sucks at streaming so nope. Tried #LineageOS on it to get it running #Android TV and while at first it seemed great, it ended up being quite a hassle and a mess so I ditched that.

Then my dad asked me to get an Android TV box/stick for his TV, and I got him the #Xiaomi Mi Box S (2nd gen). After I set it up and used it for a bit, I honestly kinda liked it. Tried #Plex, #Netflix, #PrimeVideo, etc. and they all ran great. The only downside I thought to this option is that I won't be able to watch YouTube with adblockers like I could with something like #Firefox on a desktop.

THEN I quickly discovered the existence of #SmartTube and GOD what a lifesaver it's been. It works just like the official YouTube client with all the pages and algos you're familiar with when you've authenticated, it blocks YouTube ads, but also it supports #SponsorBlock right out of the box without needing to self-host or wtv so it could even block sponsor segments in video if you want. Even has some nice accessibility options too like changing the subtitle colours, size, and positioning which is great for me who watches vids in bed w no audio.

This rant ended up being very long unnecessarily lol but all in all, that removed the only dealbreaker for me on getting and using said TV box for myself - so I did and have been using for abt a week now. The box turns itself and my TV off automatically after 30 mins of inactivity and I can easily turn the box and the TV back on using just my remote which is nice. Idek what'd I need the HTPC for anymore honestly since I already have a #SteamDeck to take over its job gaming wise much, much earlier.

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Does anyone have a line on a mid-tier ARM processor?

Seems like the landscape is missing that middle ground. You either get the low end state of the art RK3588 which is decent but not in the same league as say a Core i5/i7. Or you get the big bois like the Ampere or the soon to be release Qualcomm X Elite which is trying to play at the top.

Where's my 10-12 core 4Ghz proc on an mATX board with a few extra PCIe lanes to play with in the $300-$500 range?

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"Diese zusätzlich aufgespürte Summe übersteigt deutlich den gesamten Bundeshaushalt, sie würde ausreichen, das für 5,5 Millionen Menschen fast 20 Jahre lang zu finanzieren."

irfan, to manjaro

I find it funny that is collaborating with to make a handheld called and it's not but just yet another handheld like the rest of the fleet? Isn't Orange Pi a popular alternative to that sells ARM-based SBCs?

Power to them I guess but I definitely would love to see more ARM-based gaming handhelds (not , we have a ton of those already) available, no matter how "not ready" ARM + Linux gaming is. Software support could always be improved and worked on later down the road once the hardware is available to target.


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Apple ha presentado su cuarto procesador ARM. El M4 viene con aceleración de AV1, H.264 y HEVC además de, como no, capacidades de IA a las que se podrá sacar partido en programas como Logic Pro y Final Cut Pro. Los primeros dispositivos en montarlo serán iPads Pro de 11 y 13 pulgadas ->

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I found an interesting optimization for the marching-cubes algorithm today: Since vertex interpolation happens on axis-aligned edges of the unit cube, it's sufficient to interpolate in 1D instead of 3D. The faster interpolation makes the conditions for which edge to interpolate unnecessary, allowing to get rid of the edge table. That brings the implementation down to 73 lines, including the triangle table. 🖖🤠

ProjectPhysX, avatar

@nickserv that's a bug in 's runtime: fused-multiply-add (fma) is somehow emulated with terrible performance. This is very similar to what @niconiconi found on Nvidia CMP 170HX, where fma was disabled in the driver.
I've just fixed this in , by macro-replacing fma with a*b+c. Performance went up by 8-13x on my Samsung S9+ (ARM Mali-G72 MP18) with this workaround.
cc @chipsandcheese

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‘For those looking for a sign of peak hype, the focus should be on the mismatch between steep valuations and the slower than expected pace of broader enterprise adoption of AI, rather than normal cyclical forces.'

jbzfn, to retrocomputing avatar

⚡Arm Is The New RISC/Unix, RISC-V Is The New Arm

「 Arm may be set up for a good decade long run in the datacenter, at the edge, and in our client devices, but watch out for RISC-V. Ten years from now, we might be writing the same story all over again, with one more historical ring wave added. In fact, it is hard to imagine any other alternative on the horizon 」

#Arm #RISC #RISCV #Unix #Datacenter #Retrocomputing

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Qualcomm not being truthful with their performance numbers and statements? Insert shocked Pikachu meme here.

SemiAccurate: Qualcomm Is Cheating On Their Snapdragon X Elite/Pro Benchmarks

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:firefox: Feedback for Firefox Nightly ARM64 (AArch64) binaries on Linux asked :linux:

Firefox has x86 32-bit / x86_64 binaries but any ARM64 for Linux have been left out until now by Mozilla!

Binaries from the website ►

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Acer Aspire One #ARM Laptop To Have "Almost Full" Support With #Linux 6.10

Linux, to linux avatar

ARM laptops are cheap / outstanding battery life - Linux is coming to them now in full 💻 :linux:

Acer Aspire One ARM laptop is soon rated close to 100% support via Linux 6.10.

Sure this device is not the latest - but there it is; a truly kicking ARM Snapdragon laptop for Linux!

Bonus: ARM's heritage is in smartphones - it means seamless operation between smartphone / laptop.

#ARM #Snapdragon #Linux #laptop #computers #development #kernel

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Benachteiligte Gruppen haben ein größeres Risiko, Covid-19 zu entwickeln. Und durch die Erkrankung steigt wiederum die Gefahr, arm zu werden.!6001901/

matze_hamburg, avatar

@tazgetroete statt einfach ?? Oha! Da dachte ich, dass wir weiter seien! Heribert hat dazu alles gesagt:
„Die Armen in Deutschland werden gern als "sozial schwach" bezeichnet. Das ist eine . Sozial schwach sind diejenigen, die den Armen aus der könnten, es aber nicht tun.“

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