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Adam Savage offers some great career advice in this video. He often responds to questions and offers his insight from his career working in film production. It applies well to nearly every career.

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A few years ago I had a great time being able to share the nerdy details of my mixing job at with on .

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Ever wondered how an Apple USB-C Thunderbolt 4 cable gets to be so expensive ?

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I’ve spent (so far) being totally relaxed and doing no productive work (ok, I helped unload the dishwasher). I’ve watched some videos, worked on customizing a new laptop bag, and wrote a blog post. Glorious. I wish this was the rule, not the exception.

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What Makes a Good Book?



"Adam shares what he thinks makes for a great science communication book, the formative science books of his youth, and the new book from one of his favorite science communicators Theodore Gray. Let's browse through this visual deep dive into the mechanical workings of engines!

The Way Things Work:
How Things Work:
The Elements:

Shot by Adam Savage" (alt text: Image from youtube video)

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I thought I knew what looked like but this process is astonishing 😲

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