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Two weeks ago, military juntas controlling , , and announced their countries' "immediate withdrawal" from , 's regional integration bloc. This is a big deal.


But it can't legally go into effect right away...

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The #ECOWAS treaty, which is incorporated into the laws of #Niger, #Mali, and #BurkinaFaso through past ratification, states in Article 91 that member countries can only withdraw from the organization after "one year's notice in writing".


What's more...

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Has become first country ever to recognize self-proclaimed Republic of as independent from ? Somaliland govt says yes, but Ethiopia govt is giving mixed signals.

One Ethiopian statement says it's only promised to seriously consider recognizing Somaliland: https://addisstandard.com/news-in-depth-assessment-of-somalilands-recognition-bid-by-ethiopia-part-of-mou/

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Excerpt From Article:
"The United States announced Monday that it will refuse to grant visas to Ugandan officials who enforce a controversial anti-homosexuality law enacted in the East African country in May that includes penalties up to and including the death penal......"

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Excerpt From Article:
"In the heart of the Aglomerado da Serra, one of Belo Horizonte's most vulnerable neighborhoods, 19-year-old Dyhan Cardoso has been dancing to the beat of his own dreams. Soon, this young dancer will leave the austere backdrop of his favela and ......"

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