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The Kh-101 is made entirely of Western components. The USA and other Western countries find themselves unable to stop the supply of their microelectronics to Russia, yet they forbid hitting Russia with Western weapons

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I haven’t heard this one for years, and it’s still as mad as it is brilliant…

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Red fire #ants invade #Italy: Are they a #threat in Europe? | Focus on Europe

Dozens of red fire ant nests have been discovered in #Sicily. #Scientists are now battling the highly aggressive #insect from South #america

#nature #news #tv #Europe

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ℹ An excellent article ✒ by #CarolineHaskins

On 7-8 May in #Washington DC, the city’s biggest convention hall welcomed #America’s #military industrial complex, its top #technology companies and its most outspoken justifiers of #warcrimes. Of course, that’s not how they would describe it

It was the inaugural “AI Expo for National Competitiveness”, whose lead sponsor was #Palantir, who are currently, supplying some of its #AI products to the #Israel #Defense Forces #News

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Free tinder bio to the first taker:

I go down better than a 737 MAX.

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@itsjustjenn Aside from my STRUGGLES with weird hair and ice cream machines , I've been good! Happy that the weather is finally getting nice enough to be outside more so I can start complaining about all of the things in the air that make me sneeze uncontrollably.

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In honor of Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month, I want to recommend Japanese-American Kishi Bashi’s song film “Omoiyari.”

It’s described as “a musical journey to understand WWII era Japanese Incarceration, assimilation, and what it means to be a minority in America today.”

The film is streaming on Paramount+ and the record is available on most platforms. Both are amazing.


#AAPI #Heritage #Japan #America #KishiBashi #Omoiyari #Music #Film

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Republicans want a database of pregnant people. In many ways, abortion surveillance is already here

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70 yrs after delivered its landmark decision outlawing school segregation, ranks as perhaps the court’s most venerated decision….
Most everything else related to the decision…is complex.
Nearly 7/10 Americans say more should be done to integrate schools…a figure that has steadily climbed from 30% in 1973….But a deeper look into the views of both Black & White people shows skepticism about the success of ….

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…The decision focused on the value of mixing children of different races. But for many activists —then & now— the case is about a path to & educational . Those legal battles cont. Today’s complex views about & integration come amid persistent that has risen in recent decades,changes in the landscape & complicated dynamics of & in today.

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There is something very wrong with this country.

  • Shoot a Black Lives Matter protester?
    -- Forgiven.

  • Be a Nazi and walk downtown waving a Nazi flag?
    -- Police escort to do so.

  • Attempt to overthrow the government?
    -- Freely run for re-election.

  • Peacefully protest for Black Lives Matter, or Israel's treatment of the people in Gaza, or against Nazis, or Trump? A beating, jail time, possibly death, and those who do this to you, forgiven.

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🧵starts HERE.

Remember: I cannot reply while live-posting, so plz use NFL (Not For Laffy.. no hashtag) so I can skip your replies. THANK YOU.

Running a little late, so some preamble included here.

1/… Via Rupar: Trump wraps up his morning rant by attacking one of the prosecutors, Colangelo, which is a flagrant violation of his gag order

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@GottaLaff @Npars01 the #AmericanOligarchs are stronger than their #russian counterparts, in #russia the #oligarchs fear the #government in #america it’s the government who fears the oligarchs

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Virginia GOP banning fiction novels about slavery because they’re allegedly traumatic to white kids but renaming their schools to Confederate terrorists despite their documented trauma on Black kids, aren't protecting children or education, they're protecting white supremacy.

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America was built on slavery. With slave labor and rich resources with a thin population, the country prospered very quickly in the early years.

Those who profited from slavery and their descendants are very much the social and political oligarchs today. They have incidentally congregated in the Republican party with Trump.

People who rap the benefit, the majority population won't speak the truth.

in is as old as the Apple Pie.

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Biden Is Quietly Winning the War On Crime—After Trump Epically Lost It

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From my Cold War primary source shelves: J. Edgar Hoover’s Masters of Deceit (1958) replete with high school student scholarship contest!

Contest rules for high school students
Essay question for high school student contest

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U.S. President, Joe Biden, announced this Friday that he has authorized a new military aid package worth USD 400 million to bolster Ukraine’s defense.

Read more here 👇

#news #worldnews #politics #press #journalism #government #ukraine #usa #USPolitics #europe #america

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Autocrats in China, Russia are now making common cause with MAGA Republicans to discredit liberalism and freedom around the world. 🚨

These dictatorships around the world have coalesced to promote autocracy - and how some Americans (we see you, Republicans) and Europeans help them.

Lawsuits, threats, and smear tactics have chilled government, academic, & tech-company responses to disinformation.

One could call this a secret authoritarian “plot” to preserve the ability to spread Antidemocratic conspiracy theories, except that it’s not a secret. It’s all visible, right on the surface. Russia, China, & other state actors—Venezuela, Iran, Hungary—work with Republicans to discredit democracy, to undermine the credibility of democratic leaders, to mock the rule of law. They do so with the goal of electing criminal Trump, whose second presidency would damage the image of democracy around the world, as well as the stability of in , even further.

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Prompt: "the right to bear arms"

Stable Diffusion XL

:very_funny: 🇺🇸

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Barron named delegate for Florida at Republican National Convention -

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Is there anybody still not convinced that is trying to convert into a dynastic succession?

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U.S. Senator Dick Durbin has introduced a joint resolution to codify voting rights in America.

It’s one of the most important resolutions on the docket. Without our voting rights fascism is all but a sure thing. Voter suppression is rooted in racism.

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touts new center on site of ’s deal

Biden will champion a new Microsoft Intelligence investment in on Wedn — showcasing the failed commitments of his political rival Trump, whose promises for a -rich Foxconn plant in the battleground state never materialized.

Nonilex, avatar

…the appearance [is] part of #Biden’s “Investing in #America” strategy, …drawing a sharp contrast w/ #Trump, who spent Tues posting angry msgs on social media about his #criminal trial for falsifying business records to conceal #HushMoney payments to adult-film actress #StormyDaniels.

In 2018, when #Foxconn, at Trump’s urging, announced plans to create 13k good-paying #jobs in #Wisconsin, he celebrated the company’s $10B venture outside Racine as the “8th Wonder of the World.”


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Panera to stop serving 'Charged Sips' drinks after wrongful death lawsuits over caffeine content

#bread #serving

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is a country of addicts and junkies.

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