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Near the small district town of Hemşin (Rize province, NE-Turkey, Black Sea region); members of the Hemşinli ethnic group.
An old arched bridge typical of the region.
(March 1980)
(Foto scanned from slide: © Rüdiger Benninghaus)
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Half-timbered houses in Rotenburg an der Fulda (Hesse).
(April 2014)
(Foto: © Rüdiger Benninghaus)
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John Barras and Co clock outside a former pub on Victoria Road on the Southside of Glasgow. John Barras was a brewing company founded in 1770 and based in the North East of England. In the 1890s, it merged with three other local brewers to create Newcastle Breweries, who would go on to launch Newcastle Brown Ale in the 1927. In the 1960s, another merger took place with Scottish Brewers to create Scottish and Newcastle Limited.

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#71 has been out for while! @kito99 @javajuneau @dhinojosa talk with #microservices expert and @JavaChampions @crichardson about #eventuate, #architecture, #kafka, #redpanda and more! https://buff.ly/3vWivyg

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The former Toledo Cinema on Clarkston Road in Glasgow. Designed by William Beresford Inglis, it was built in 1933 as an Atmospheric Cinema in a Spanish American fantasy style and could seat 1,598. While he designed a number of Glasgow cinemas, Inglis is best known as the architect of his eponymous Beresford Hotel on Sauchiehall Street.

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My favourite is the mythic Theatre The most famous and most extravagant cinema theatre in . This is a great example of Amsterdamse school with an twist.

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The former Glasgow Protestant Institute for Orphaned and Destitute Girls on Westland Drive in the Whiteinch area of Glasgow. The institute was founded in 1825, but it wasn't until 1891 that this purpose-built home was constructed for it. It was designed by the rather wonderfully named Stewart Henbest Capper in a 17th Century Scottish style.

#glasgow #whiteinch #architecture #glasgowhistory #glasgowbuildings

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The old Physiology Building at Glasgow University. Designed by James Miller in a Scots Renaissance style, it was built in 1903.

#glasgow #architecture #glasgowbuildings #scotsbaronial #glasgowuniversity #cupola #architecturephotography

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Crow Road Tenement. Part of Anniesland Mansions in the West of the Glasgow, there's just something timelessly elegant about buildings like this.

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A Glasgow Style former Mews cottage for 26 Huntly Gardens in the West End of Glasgow. Built around 1900 for John Wylie of the cabinetmakers Wylie and Lochhead.

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Angles and tones. The pragmatic charm of institutional buildings.

#photography #architecture #Monochrome #abstract

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What's an example of a work of art (literature, music, poetry, theater, painting, whatever) that you've had a spiritual experience with? (Take this how you'd like...at one with the universe, in touch with God, deeply aware of something larger than yourself; however you think of it is fine.)

Boosts appreciated, commentary appreciated but not necessary. :)

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Seeing the in . So beautiful. Even now thinking of it brings joy.

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Misty Towers Sunset. The São Rafael and São Gabriel Towers are two emblematic luxury housing buildings located in Parque das Nações, Portugal. Prints available at https://buff.ly/43QKE6x @marco5ales

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A wide shot of the 1907 Anniesland Mansions on the corner of Great Western Road and Crow Road in Glasgow.

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The coffee must be good this morning.

Just drafting some thoughts about #AlpineJS and « ”I’m just going to write my own”, is the battle-cry of morons » gently flows from the fingers. ☕️

May have to copy-edit 🤔

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