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#VivaTech 2024: #Artificial #intelligence takes centre stage at annual #French #tech #show

The latest artificially intelligent innovations have been unveiled at the VivaTech show in Paris starting this Wednesday and running through Saturday.

#News #tv

Latest Updates on AI • Google I/O • Android - 2024 (

The latest Google I/O and Android has brought forth a wealth of exciting updates and announcements, highlighting the growing influence of AI on the future of mobile technology. I am eager to see how these developments will shape the Android ecosystem and the broader tech landscape in the years to come. As AI continues to evolve...

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Cyber World: The Future is Now |

The prefix comes from an ancient Greek word meaning "to control". But is mankind really in control of this ? From the invention of the internet to Shimon Dotan's documentary takes stock of the galloping growth of the cyberworld.

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#Biden touts new #Microsoft #AI center on site of #Trump’s #failed #Foxconn deal

#POTUS Biden will champion a new Microsoft #Artificial Intelligence investment in #Wisconsin on Wedn — showcasing the failed #economic commitments of his political rival Trump, whose promises for a #job-rich Foxconn plant in the battleground state never materialized.

#BidenHarris2024 #economy #labor

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Has anyone put any thought into how to protect your personal blog from the generative ai scrapers? I've already blocked openai in robots.txt, but it seems like more and more small providers are popping up who don't honor these requests?

Maybe a noise filters artists are using with invisible characters but then again how do I make sure Google bot can see my posts? I don't care about humans using my work but I take issue with machines

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for the () 2025 convention "Thinking Beyond – Collective and/or Intelligence" which will take place in New Orleans on January 9-12, 2025.

🗓️Deadline for Abstracts: March 15, 2024

📌Further Information: Humanities @litstudies @germanistik

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#AI, specifically #GithubCopilot, is an incredible tool for upgrading code.

I fixed an architecture problem that resulted in over 700 warnings related to nullability in C#. I was able to clear all of those warnings properly with the help of AI in just a couple hours. Now my code base is far more robust and better at handling errors elegantly.

Shockingly, when you use a glorified pattern-matching algorithm to deal with a pattern-matching problem, you get good results. Who knew?

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@LouisIngenthron Does using the AI share your data / give it to people who provide the AI and their 3rd parties?

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Gary Ackerman Podcast Show -
"Artificial Intelligence"

Audio Topic with @garyackerman /

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I got a runner's knee #diagnosis #today. I have the strongest possible #artificial #joint in my left #knee. It was chosen because the posterior cruciate ligament was torn, and the knee would not have stabilized without this model. On the left side, the tendons are now irritatedand and tight. The reason is the stiffness of the model. This artificial joint does not flex at all laterally. It's a strong but "dummy knee" said the physiotherapist. I need to rest, take Burana and go to the massage.

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Before a drug is approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA), it must demonstrate both safety and efficacy.

However, the does not require an understanding a drug’s mechanism of action for approval.

This acceptance of results without explanation raises the question of whether the "" decision-making process of a safe and effective model must be fully explained in order to secure FDA approval.

This topic was one of many discussion points addressed on Monday, Dec. 4 during the 🔸"MIT Abdul Latif Jameel Clinic for Machine Learning in Health AI and Health Regulatory Policy Conference", 🔸which ignited a series of discussions and debates amongst faculty; regulators from the United States, EU, and Nigeria; and industry experts concerning the regulation of AI in health.

As continues to evolve rapidly, uncertainty persists as to whether regulators can keep up and still reduce the likelihood of harmful impact while ensuring that their respective countries remain competitive in innovation.

To promote an environment of frank and open discussion, the Jameel Clinic event’s attendance was highly curated for an audience of 100 attendees debating through the enforcement of the Chatham House Rule, to allow speakers anonymity for discussing controversial opinions and arguments without being identified as the source.

Rather than hosting an event to generate buzz around AI in health, the Jameel Clinic's goal was to create a space to keep regulators apprised of the most cutting-edge advancements in , while allowing faculty and industry experts to propose new or different approaches to frameworks for AI in , especially for AI use in settings and in .

AI’s role in medicine is more relevant than ever, as the industry struggles with a post-pandemic labor shortage, increased costs (“Not a salary issue, despite common belief,” said one speaker), as well as high rates of burnout and resignations among health care professionals.
One speaker suggested that priorities for clinical AI deployment should be focused more on operational rather than patient diagnosis and treatment.

One attendee pointed out a “clear lack of across all constituents — not just amongst developer communities and health care systems, but with patients and regulators as well.”
Given that medical doctors are often the primary users of clinical AI tools, a number of the medical doctors present pleaded with regulators to consult them before taking action.

was a key issue for the majority of AI researchers in attendance.
They lamented the lack of data to make their AI tools work effectively.
Many faced barriers such as intellectual property barring access or simply a dearth of large, high-quality datasets.
“Developers can’t spend billions creating data, but the FDA can,” a speaker pointed out during the event.
“There’s a price uncertainty that could lead to underinvestment in AI.”
Speakers from the EU touted the development of a system obligating governments to make health data available for AI researchers.

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I sometimes use #ai to double check my #writing and think that the #solution on how to integrate #artificial #text into an #authoring tool that my friends from #ia came up with is very interesting to say the least. I would love to have something similar in #apostrophe on #linux.

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How real is the threat of data poisoning to generative AI?

A new tool has been created to poison image-output models like Midjourney and DALLE-2. Is ChatGPT next?

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