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🐝 New on ADHD ftw! The Bluey episode about ADHD #ADHD #AuDHD #neurodivergent

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Sitting down to make art & getting overwhelmed with the possibilities. I almost wish I was REALLY good at one specific type of art versus decent at a bunch of them. I know I could seriously level up if I genuinely dedicated myself to ONE particular style & medium, but I'd get so freaking BORED.

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🐝 New on ADHD ftw! Things you can do if you're not ready to ask for ADHD accommodations at work

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Do you use subtitles? I'm using them more and more when they are available? It helps me to keep track of what's going on, and I like that I can turn the sound down when if it gets overwhelming.

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🐝 New on ADHD ftw! Asking for accomodations at work

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🐝🎧 New ADHD ftw! Podcast:
Episode 11 - Start with your smallest tasks first

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Question to fellow folks... :confusedparrot:

For what sort of toots could I use hashtags like or the previous two I just used?

I Toot quite a bit about me and my quirky way life. But I never really know if I "should" add any ND hashtags as the "silly" things I Toot about are quite normal to me. If that makes sense 🤔...

I'm proud enough, these days, of who I am. But I wonder if and when it would be good to add some of these tags... Maybe it could help connect with other peeps like me 😇.

Fankoos 🫶🏻 for your help! 🌸



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🐝 New on ADHD ftw! Fidgeting and stimming

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I mostly recharged this weekend. I opted to work at home today. No meetings afforded me to catch up on a few tasks and chores, too. It was sublime.

Son arrived home covered in clay from the baseball diamond at school. Under protest he stripped to underwear and was sent to shower. Clothes and shoes are being de-clayed.

Now he’s finishing schoolwork not completed this PM. He did pick up on the “it’s not time to talk back” vibe. So yay.

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Autistic burnout + untreated ADHD =

impulse control issues + inability to force yourself to do anything + drained by no ability to function

Lots of walking pass a mess unable to make yourself clean it, then blame yourself for it.

Distracted, can't focus enough to do fun things and/or take care of yourself.

Forgetting everything. So burned out you can't remember important things + made worse by ADHD.



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🐝 New on ADHD ftw! You are your ADHD #ADHD #AuDHD #neurodivergent

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🐝🎧 New ADHD ftw! Podcast:
Episode 10 - Second brain tool: Obsidian #WebDev #ADHD #AuDHD #neurodivergent

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“AuDHD represents a blend of ADHD and autistic traits, leading to unique experiences and challenges. When the underlying needs of ADHD and autism interact, it can feel like a tug of war for the AuDHDer - Do I need routine or spontaneity? Newness or familiarity? Busyness or a steady pace? Though these examples are quite simplistic, they illustrate the internal confusion of the AuDHDer attempting to address their needs.”

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It’s kind of ironic when you are watching short videos about untreated ADHD and space out thinking about other things and miss most of the video because you have under-medicated ADHD lol

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Unpacking the dishwasher and then making my bed with one hand.. because I'm holding a bag of oats in my other hand.

Why? Because I have adhd and got distracted before making breakfast, so I've been carrying oats around the house for the last 20 minutes without noticing.

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An online friend announced a few days ago that her son, diagnosed with ADHD a few months ago, has been also diagnosed as autistic and with Tourette syndrome. It took 3 years but I’m happy for him and his mum because they finally know! And she thinks that his dad he’s probably autistic too because it runs in the family. 😉

#neurodivergence #AuDHD

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Unpopular Opinion:
Ich kann es nicht mehr hören, wenn nun überall auf den Stärken von neurodivergenten Menschen herumgeritten wird.

Wenn wir das selbst tun, um nach unserer Diagnose aus Depression, Trauma und Burnout wieder herauszufinden - alles fein. Gegen Empowerment sage ich gar nichts.

Wenn aber neurotypische Menschen (v.a. aus der Wirtschaft) unsere (angeblichen) Stärken betonen, so als wären wir allesamt Genies, dann werde ich misstrauisch. Das klingt als wären wir nur eine weitere Resource, die man nach belieben ausnutzen kann. Und wer bei diesem Spiel nicht (mehr) mitmachen kann oder will, fällt dann halt durchs Raster - wie durchgekaut und ausgespuckt.

Das ist genauso toxisch, wie Bodypositivity. Man kommt von einem Extrem ins andere. Es ist absolut in Ordnung, neutral zu sich zu stehen. Wir sind wie wir sind und das ist völlig ok so.

Der Wert eines Menschen bemisst sich nicht an seiner Leistungsfähigkeit!

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In a vain attempt to think on something else.

Saw this on Facebook support group page. Hit me right in the feels.

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A job post that explicitly requires someone with "high executive functioning"

Is this ?

@actuallyautistic @actuallyadhd

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Today. Was. Just. Too. Much.

Endless work meetings. Slack. Interruptions. HOA Committee Texts. School meetings. School district meetings. Music lesson.

At some point at about 3pm I just had enough. And when this happens I tend to leave chats. Cancel or ignore messages or meetings.

I have to for my sanity. I have learned that if I push on I truly burn out and am not useful for anyone.

Why does our society encourage this???

#ActuallyAutistic #ADHD #AuDHD @actuallyautistic

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I'm trying very hard to avoid getting sucked into the AI fad. It reminds me a lot of Crypto and Reactjs irrational exuberance.

Gonna wait til things calm down to resume my research.

It looks like my country will be forced to act as a giant battery for these global gibberish generators. Like it wasn't bad enough with crypto farms left and right.

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If you've ever wondered what it's like being autistic with ADHD, it's a bit like this for me. (I always assumed everybody thought like this).


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I read about a new detailed map of the human brain. As expected, the "normal brains" were contrasted with "disordered" ones and how eventually they might learn "what's wrong" with them.

Autistic brains are just different, not "wrong".

#ActuallyAutistic #AuDHD @actuallyautistic

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This could be the connection between Ehlers-Danlos and neurodivergence. (People with EDS, like me, are 7 times as likely to be autistic and 5 times as likely to have ADHD -- also like me.)

Cartilage-Like Structures Key to Brain Plasticity - Neuroscience News

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🐝🎧 New ADHD ftw! Podcast:
Episode 9 - Second brain tool: MS Todo

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