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“This is a moment where I think there has been incredible clarity from our community about what they expect from the police department and from a police chief.”

From the archives: Our 2020 interview with Travis County's progressive prosecutor José Garza ... https://www.texasobserver.org/jose-garza-redefines-progressive-prosecutor/

Do you feel he's delivered on his promises to the community?

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Earlier this week: Every arrestee has a right to legal representation. But in Central #Texas, its often lacking at a crucial stage. Here's how the #ACLU and others want to fix it ... https://www.texasobserver.org/travis-county-magistration-aclu/

#news #politics #USpol #prison #Austin #CriminalJustice #Law #HumanRights

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launches missile strikes into

The Israeli military has conducted missile strikes against Iran, a snr ofcl told NPR Thurs. There are also reports of explosions in & .

Iran's Fars News Agency says explosions were heard in the central city of , according to the Reuters News Agency.

The extent of Israel's strikes & the weapons used weren't clear.


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spoke to his Israeli counterpart, , Thurs afternoon, about regional threats & ’s destabilizing actions in the , the press sec said in a stmnt.

They also spoke about the importance of increasing & sustaining the flow of to in , including via the new route from Ashdod Port in .

A snr US ofcl on Thurs night declined to say whether gave any advance warning of an impending strike.

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“We must have this national conversation. How are we going to deal with long ?”

Featured post: Medical experts and those suffering from this challenging condition are demanding better—more research and healthier air to breathe. https://www.texasobserver.org/long-covid-texas-clearing-the-air/

(Edit: adjusted word choice based on reader feedback 🤠)

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People of #TravisCounty #austin Texas. There is a semi-secret election coming up for an important office that is supposedly non-partisan, but features right wing candidates who hate #publicschools. Vote for the pro-school candidates please

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On our trip to Austin in March, we went along the Colorado River and made our way to the Congress Avenue Bridge. The bridge is home to the largest urban bat colony in the world. While it was daytime, you can hear a light chitter of the resident safe in their homes underneath.

PS - We finally exchanged our Austin photos - more posts soon!


A video under a concrete bridge with a painting of a Bat on the pylon.

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“Unfortunately, constitutional rights are not always realized for people, even when those rights are firmly established.”

From yesterday: Advocates say arrestees are all-too-often lacking representation at a crucial stage in their cases, according to this new report from Staff Writer Michelle Pitcher. https://www.texasobserver.org/travis-county-magistration-aclu/

#politics #USpol #prison #CriminalJustice #HumanRights #law #police #Texas #Austin

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In Austin, apartment complexes with fire suppression sprinklers are not required to build a window in every bedroom. Natural light is key to human health.


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“The U.S. Supreme Court has held that people have the right to an attorney at the arraignment stage. Yet most counties don’t guarantee free attorneys at these early hearings for people who can’t pay.”

Some arrestees in lack legal representation at a stage that can determine their cases’ outcome. The ACLU and some officials want to change that. New today from Staff Writer Michelle Pitcher: https://www.texasobserver.org/travis-county-magistration-aclu/

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Red has always been the most challenging color for me to photograph. But I've learned if I slightly underexpose the photo, the red color doesn't get so washed out.


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"The man had apparently fallen asleep inside of a recycling bin, which was picked up on West Sixth and Colorado streets in Downtown Austin."

KVUE.com: Man rescued from the back of , Texas, garbage truck

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WindyCraigArt, to Flowers
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Are our moral #values shaped by divine love or are they a result of biological requirements of human life?

THIS WEDNESDAY April 17 at #UniversityOfTexas #Austin, #philosophers Ben Bayer and Adam Lloyd Johnson #debate the origins and interpretation of #morality, focusing on differences between secular, scientific interpretations, and theological views.

More info: https://meetup.com/ayn-rand-club-at-the-university-of-texas/events/299120319/

FREE tickets: https://eventbrite.com/e/the-roots-of-morality-divine-or-biological-tickets-828866521077

Live stream: https://youtube.com/live/-bK0uD6QvI4

#philosophy #science #theology

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WindyCraigArt, to Flowers
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WindyCraigArt, to Flowers
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WindyCraigArt, to Flowers
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The Southwest Airlines checked baggage line was ridiculously long at the Austin airport today. It stretched outside to the rental car building and then zig-zagged around inside. Total time: about 2.5 hrs or so

#Austin #SouthwestAirlines

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WindyCraigArt, to Flowers
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